Tempest in the Highlands: The Scottish Relic Trilogy #3 by May McGoldrick

Tempest in the Highlands: The Scottish Relic Trilogy #3 by May McGoldrick

The Scottish Relic Trilogy comes to a close with today’s installment from May McGoldrick. Having read (and enjoyed) the first in this series about gathering pieces of a relic that will grant the possessor powers to do great harm or good depending on their intentions, the scene was set. Please read on for my review of

Tempest in the Highlands

Miranda’s inheritance from her mother has left her in great danger, pursued by a relentless enemy.  Having few choices, she disguises herself as a boy and boards a privateer’s ship to flee.  Rob, a privateer better known as the Black Hawk,  has been tasked by the King to find the man, Sir Ralph Evers, and do away with him. It is known that Evers is seeking to gather the pieces of a relic, and the King will have no competition.

There’s a shipwreck, and Rob and Miranda are stranded on the Isle of the Dead before Rob discovers Miranda’s big secret. That’s only part of the story though, not only is she a girl, but he is attracted to her, and she’s being sought by Evers.

The plot twists and winds to bring earlier holders of relic pieces to the island as the final climactic scene is to be the showdown between the holders and the one who seeks to possess. But while the story was entertaining, there was something missing. Miranda as a heroine, aside from her foretelling ability was just rather lackluster, and she felt as if she was trying to be in control more than it was a part of her personality. And Rob just didn’t come off as anything more than a man with a mission. A rather ordinary man in my opinion.  He just wasn’t as engaging as I expected or wanted from my first experience with this series.

Resolution could have been SO much more – but felt rather mechanical and while not forced, just without real ‘ooh’ moments. There were so many elements and questions when the relic pieces are reunited, as well as the interplay between the earlier characters that could have been expanded on, or developed to bring some surprise, passion, tension, even an aha moment….but it never came. I was disappointed in the resolution’s lack of emotional impact for me, I actually found myself trying to focus on the conclusion, a sure sign to me that integral elements are missing.  I now know how the story ended, and wish this installment had lived up to the promise of the premise started two books ago.

Tempest in the Highlands: The Scottish Relic Trilogy #3 by May McGoldrick

Title: Tempest in the Highlands
Author: May McGoldrick
Series: The Scottish Relic Trilogy #3
Also in this series: Much Ado About Highlanders
Genre: Historical Romance, Magic, Paranormal, Scottish, Tudor
Published by: Swerve
ISBN: 1250106583
Published on: 6 December 2016
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 213
Rated: three-stars
Heat: One FlameHalf a Flame

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Miranda MacDonnell is on the run. When she inherited a mysterious relic from her mother, she had no idea the dangers it would bring. Now hunted by a relentless foe who will stop at nothing to find her, she has one choice: stow away on the ship of the notorious privateer, Black Hawk.

Rob Hawkins, the half-English privateer known as Black Hawk, has a mission from the Tudor king to find and kill the rogue commander, Sir Ralph Evers. To complete his quest, Hawk must find Miranda, a young woman Evers is pursuing. Caught in a tempest, he is shipwrecked with a "boy" who demonstrates an uncanny ability for saving him. Cast away on the mysterious Isle of the Dead, Hawk realizes that the "boy" traveling with him is actually Miranda MacDonnell and having her means that Evers will come to him. What begins as a ploy —using her as bait—soon changes, however, as he falls in love with her.

Ancient forces are at work, drawing the four possessors of the relic’s power to the Isle of the Dead in the Outer Hebrides for a final battle where good must overcome the forces of evil in this spectacular finale to the Scottish Relic Trilogy.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


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One moment, Miranda was gasping for more air. The next, her very existence depended on how close she could get to him. The touch of his lips freed her mind and made her body soar. The tension gripping her limbs and her lungs melted away in an instant. She shivered involuntarily and her arms tightened around his neck.

Hawk’s mouth moved back and forth over her burning lips, urging them to open. Surrendering to his silent demand, she parted her lips. She heard the groan deep in his throat as he took a fistful of her hair and his tongue plunged deep into the soft recesses of her mouth.

A silent thrill of desire raced through her. She’d never been kissed by a man before. But right now, all fears were forgotten. The trap in which they found themselves became trivial. Miranda allowed the rising hunger she had for him to erupt within her.

Lost in the seductive play of his tongue, the heat of his embrace, and his roaming hand, she responded with passion.

He lifted her higher in his arms and pulled her legs around his hips.

Her body ached for his touch, her heart pounded, and her mind whirled in the closeness of his embrace. Miranda gave another low moan of surrender as he deepened the kiss.

She didn’t know for how long they were lost in the kiss, but when he tore his mouth away, he was as breathless as she had been.

“This is a dangerous game we’ve started,” he said.

She understood what he was saying. It was impossible to not feel his erection pressing against her. Unwrapping her legs from his waist, she tried to float away, but his arm around her waist kept her close.

“I don’t mean to scare you off,” he said. “But you’re too beautiful, too tempting, and I’m a man.” Hawk released his hold on the wall, and they floated together. His gaze never left her face. “But I want you to know you can trust me.”




About May McGoldrick

Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick wrote their first May McGoldrick historical romance using real life characters that Jim researched while earning a Ph.D. in sixteenth-century Scottish and English literature. Nikoo, a mechanical engineer, is a born storyteller. She is all about characters and feeling. Jim is about sense of place and action. Together, they have crafted over thirty fast-paced, conflict-filled historical and contemporary novels and two works of nonfiction under the pseudonyms May McGoldrick and Jan Coffey.