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“Those who feed on rumors are small, suspicious souls.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
“Ducking for apples -- change one letter and it's the story of my life.” ~ Dorothy Parker

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Hold Me in Contempt: A Romance by Wendy Williams

Hold Me in Contempt: A Romance by Wendy Williams

If you haven’t seen Wendy Williams’ television show, or heard her on the radio – this will be a good introduction to the lady.  Be sure that you check out the other tour stops, and don’t forget to enter the tour-wide giveaway where the publisher is offering FIVE winners a paperback copy of the title.

Book Review:

From reading the blurb for this title, I was expecting a steamy romance: what I got was an edgier story: more urban and street than romance and sexy.  You have to be aware of that before picking up this title, the story does not unfold simply or gently, and the characters are often more dressing for action and ‘name dropping’ of cultural references than developed with a clear sense of purpose. Read more

AudioBook Review: The Ladies’ Paradise by Émile Zola

AudioBook Review

Prodigious barely can encompass the volumes added to literature by Émile Zola.  In this, his eleventh book that dealt with various familial and societal relationships, Zola creates captivating characters that both serve as witness to, and participants in the great changes that are occurring throughout Paris in the post 1860′s world.   Now familiar to many as the genesis idea for the PBS Masterpiece Classic series The Paradise,  it was an interesting listen as I was able to work out the direct correlations between characters and the more composite or ‘informed by’ in the television version.

Having read excerpts in the original French several years ago, the one lasting impression from the writing of Zola is his rich and layered use of description.  Long unused, to attempt this book now, either in written or spoken version would be daunting – I would understand little at first go, yet the beauty of the phrasing and descriptions do resonate, even if their meaning is lost. Read more

Just One Night: Sex, Love & Stiletto #3 by Lauren Layne

Just One Night: Sex, Love & Stiletto #3 by Lauren Layne

Today I have a review from the third title in the Sex Love and Stiletto series by Lauren Layne.  Please be sure to check the other tour stops, and don’t forget to enter the tour-wide giveaway where you could win a Lauren Layne Prize Pack with: Review Copies of Stiletto Series, Loveswept Tote and Mug or $15.00 E-Retailer Gift Card of Winner’s Choosing.

Book Review:

Lauren Layne brings another installment to her Sex, Love and Stiletto’s series, and manages to pair off yet another member of the Stiletto’s staff.  Riley is the sex columnist, doling out the advice to the single women who make up the majority of readers.  Riley is clever and fun, and while this story wasn’t as humorous as the first two, the story keeps pace with the earlier books and gives a character who has insecurities and pressures that are easy to relate to, even if we aren’t in New York and known by many.  Read more

Her Best Laid Plans by Cara McKenna

Today, thanks to Harlequin, I have a new release from their Cosmo Red Hot Reads collection: Her Best Laid Plans from Cara McKenna.

Book Review:

A trip to Ireland after the end of a long-term relationship is to serve as Jaime’s time to find a new direction and start to work on her own life.  Early on, I had a couple of problems with the timeline on this one: Jamie’s age is confused and had me wondering.  She states that she was in a 4 year relationship with Noel, left school to support him emotionally and financially, and says she is 22. Then nearly the next sentence, she mentions Conor’s age and states there are 3 years between her and his 28.  It was one of those strange things that seem minor, but kept me wondering about her for the rest of the story.  Read more

Prince’s Fire Hearts and Thrones #3 by Amy Raby

Prince’s Fire Hearts and Thrones #3 by Amy Raby

Today I have a review and giveaway for the fantasy romance title Prince’s Fire, Hearts and Thrones book 3 by Amy Raby.  Please be sure to check out the other tour stops and don’t forget to enter the tour-wide giveaway here where two people can win their choice of a $10 Amazon gift card OR a print copy of Prince’s Fire: Hearts and Thrones # 3 by Amy Raby.

Book Review:

My first encounter with this author and series, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find a story that carried romance, intrigue and clever characterizations throughout the book, and didn’t seem to have any great gaps in my understanding even as it is the third in the series.  Read more

AudioBook Review: The Demon Master’s Wife (Forced to Serve #2) by Donna McDonald

AudioBook Review

Picking up right where the first book left off, I think that the novella was able to present much of the background information that is integral to this story, without dragging down the pace and flow with too much information.  These books will not stand alone: you are well-served by reading them in order as only a nod is given to provide information from the first book.

Aria is dealing with her hosting of Malachi, yet Liam’s brother Conor is still a great threat.  In a secondary thread, Dorian and Gwen are still struggling with their on again off again relationship and attraction, it’s quite funny to see Dorian: an enlightened being totally and completely flummoxed by Gwen’s independence, sharp tongue and guarded heart.  Read more

Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen

Book Review:

Set after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 and during the reign of George II, this mid 18th century story combines pirates, family loyalty, prison breaks, possible commutations, duplicity and an undeniable attraction in a fast-paced and well-crafted story, redolent with historical references, details and clever characters.

Mairi McFadden is the sister of a wanted man, Grant, deemed a traitor for the Scots side after the massacre at Culloden.  Her clan and lands are struggling without his presence, and she is desperate to locate him and bring him home to solve the issues.  Read more

The Resurrection of Mary Mabel McTavish by Allan Stratton

Book Review:

Utterly intriguing and wholly frustrating by halves, my reaction to this book was also mixed, although I will give great kudos to Allan Stratton for the clever arguments against hypocrisy that he managed to pull off to great effect.

Unfortunately, the title character, Mary Mabel McTavish was not a character that I could even like: only the fact that throwing electronics under a passing bus is harmful to the electronics kept me from bouncing my eReader all over the place when her peculiar brainless complacency got to be too frustrating.  But, she was the one hiccup in an otherwise clever and engaging book, rife with humor, pointed satire and cleverly plotted schemes all unmasked to their agendas by the writing and twists used to move the story forward. Read more