Update for I am, Indeed

Normal reviews are coming soon – I promise!  I’ll get back into a rhythm over the next week or so, and things will start to fly hard and fast as I catch up with a large list of “lates” and get the current review commitments into play.  (Hopefully for situation ‘normal’ in February.) This doesn’t mean that we’re sorted and settled – the past nine plus months took a serious toll on everything that was ‘normal’ in our lives.

We are still homeless, however we have had some positive news and answers – and hope that things will continue in that direction for the rest of the year.  We’re still inches away from disaster again – and are always looking for options that will secure our next meal, his medications or a roof over our heads in the meantime.

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Rating Explanation

Star Ratings

5 Stars – Couldn’t put it down – Everyone should read

4 Stars – Really Good – but perhaps could be better

3 Stars – Good enough, but pieces missing

2 Stars – Concept or Characters good – but poor execution

1 Star – Not recommended -needs large reworks

Flame Ratings

5 Flames – Erotic / Same Sex / Multiple Partners

4 Flames– Erotic with Relationship, Same Sex

3 Flames – Adult Contemporary Romance – open door, single partners, one of the elements of plot

2 Flames – Few scenes or closed door

1 Flame – Kiss, Hugs, no sexual activity.

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