Update for I am, Indeed

Please be patient with the blog – although I will continue to update as the option is available – my response time and promotion is limited.  We are homeless – without services provided by the ‘usual suspects’ as we don’t meet their criteria. Apparently medical emergency with kidney failure due to lack of treatment / medication isn’t enough to warrant help.  We are still exploring options – but in the 6th Month of instability and struggle to simply procure food, medication and shelter without missing dialysis appointments (3 a week) that keep his health from getting worse – things are not easy and funds are hard to come by.

For those following the story – we have hopes that Medicare and VA services that have been applied for will be approved by Mid-October. However, at the moment it means that we are simply struggling to make it through one day, one step, at a time. If you can share my Personal Facebook page – that is helpful as our story is there and updated regularly.  And if you can spare  anything glhince@gmail.com is the PayPal – all help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Star Ratings

5 Stars – Couldn’t put it down – Everyone should read

4 Stars – Really Good – but perhaps could be better

3 Stars – Good enough, but pieces missing

2 Stars – Concept or Characters good – but poor execution

1 Star – Not recommended -needs large reworks

Flame Ratings

5 Flames – Erotic / Same Sex / Multiple Partners

4 Flames– Erotic with Relationship, Same Sex

3 Flames – Adult Contemporary Romance – open door, single partners, one of the elements of plot

2 Flames – Few scenes or closed door

1 Flame – Kiss, Hugs, no sexual activity.

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