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“A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy. " ~ Edward P. Morgan

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Hot Summer Nights – a Romance collection with Giveaway!

Book Review:

I have a love-hate relationship with anthologies and boxed sets:  I love the idea of a common thread or theme, with the ability to read authors that I have not yet encountered.  But, they are more time-consuming to read and write a review for, and time isn’t always something I have in great supply.  Additionally, when stories are at most novella length, the authors need to be laser focused in word choice and plot development.

In Hot Summer Nights, the common thread is Dasia Island resort – setting the scenes for several ‘vacation-minded’ encounters in nearly every combination and heat level of romance possible when you don’t add in the paranormal.  Ranging in heat level from sweet to erotic, these nine authors bring us to the tropical setting and hot summer escapades of their characters.

Read more

The Dog Park by Laura Caldwell

A cute story that shows the healing power of a pet,while the humans in his life seem to struggle and obsess over their  mistakes and own issues.   Jessica and Sebastian have relocated to Chicago, his hometown, so he can take a job offer with a newspaper.  As Jessica is a stylist, she can work from anywhere -but fitting into Chicago was hard for her.  A puppy chose them, and the love affair in this little family has begun.

Treating Baxter the puppy much like a child, Jessica would decorate leashes and collars for him, and they both find the love that is missing in their own relationship in the unconditional affection that the puppy, Baxter shows for them both.  When divorce becomes the logical solution, a shared custody option for Baxter is arranged, and he is moving from Jessica’s to Sebastian’s in alternate weeks.  Read more

The Heist by Adriana Kraft Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

The Heist by Adriana Kraft Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop for the Bippity Boppity Book blast tour for Adriana Kraft’s new romantic suspense release The Heist.  Please be sure to check out the guest post here, enter the giveaway where the Grand prize winer will get a download of Cassie’s Hope by Adriana Kraft, a $10 GC, swag, and a cover flat signed by the author and cover model Scott Nova.  AND Ten second prizes winners will get swag & the signed cover flat. Please be sure to check out the other tour stops where there will be reviews and stop exclusive excerpts to read!

Book Review: 

I’ve always been curious about art thefts, particularly since the major break-in at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum’s break in in the 1990’s, since that was a frequent destination when I lived closer to Boston. Adriana Kraft manages to bring a ‘feel’ of a theft from two perspectives in The Heist, where a series of paintings are snatched from a small traveling exhibition in the Midwest.   Read more

AudioBook Review In Winter’s Shadow: Down the Long Wind #3 by Gillian Bradshaw

AudioBook Review

Carrying the story forward, the story is now told by Gwenhwyfar or Guinevere as more commonly known. Bradshaw has managed to bring us to the end of days for Camelot, with the final battles, the death of Mordred, Gwalchmai’s death and her own roles and guilt for her part.

Again managing to re-invent the story of King Arthur using Bretonized forms of the names and presenting unique perspectives on the events, with points of view that were left untold or unimagined in the originals, Bradshaw has managed to neatly pull all of the threads together and wrap this series with a conclusion that is both refreshing and satisfying.  Read more

Searching for Perfect: Searching For #2 by Jennifer Probst

Book Review: 

The second in the series, we return to Kinnections and we get to see Kennedy’s side of the story. Part-owner of the hottest dating agency in New York, and she is finally about to find her own special man. A bit on the self-conscious side as she struggles with her weight and self-image, Kennedy’s character was easy to understand and relate to, even if her cockeyed way of looking at things was occasionally more than a bit in her way.

Nate is intelligent and dorky, and after a total crash and burn during a speed dating event, Kennedy decides he needs some ‘personal’ coaching.  Nate is flattered, thinking that Kennedy wants him, and her love ‘em and leave ‘em style is something that utterly throws him for a loop. Read more

How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse: How to Train Your Dragon #4 by Cressida Cowell

AudioBook Review

It is really hard to NOT like this series – it works on two levels: kids will love the action and the humor, and David Tennant’s vocal manipulations fit the character’s personalities, slimy, menacing, goofy and even spoiled.  Adults will appreciate the erstwhile hero Hiccup and his ability to out-think, out-reason and when all else fails, out-manoeuver the competition. Hiccup is smart and clever, and thinks fast on his feet and never loses sight of the ‘right’ thing to do. Of course the story is fun and fantastical, with plenty of humor of the juvenile and not so variety, but it is a true testament to Hiccup’s determination in that he never gives up, even under incredibly uneven odds.

In this story, as a result of a chance encounter Fishlegs has with a poisonous Vorpent, he is dying and it is up to Hiccup to find the cure in time to save his friend.  Of course, the cure is the common potato, but as you will see, it was not so common in Hiccup’s day.  Read more

Marionette by T.B. Markinson

Book Review:

I was very excited to read this book, as I thought I would immediately connect with the main character and share her pain and inner turmoil.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened. Read more

Ruby: A Novel by Cynthia Bond

Book Review: 

There are certain stories that are sad and disturbing: perhaps because they are all too honest in their portrayal of real life.  In Ruby, Cynthia Bond manages to incorporate elements that are sad and disturbing, while never once faltering from the beauty contained within the rich characterizations and lush prose.  Stylistically, Bond’s writing puts me in mind of early works by Toni Morrison, particularly Beloved, for the stark realities couched in evocative writing that manages to remain intrinsically hopeful, despite the despair.

Ruby is not a story for the squeamish or faint of heart, nor for those who cannot face the often harsh realities that humans can, and do, inflict on one another.  Children are often victimized and molested, set in the south, it should go without saying that racism and lynching are present. Misogyny, evangelicalism and substance abuse, as well as rape and slavery are all presented with varying levels of detail and description, and may cause some readers great discomfort.   Read more

Ablaze by Nancy Tesler

Book Review:

A bit out of my normal preferences, Nancy Tesler has managed to blend a romantic storyline with a mystery threaded throughout that captivates and speeds through to the end.  In this story, we meet Samantha, a victim and witness advocate for a New Jersey county’s prosecution office.   When one of her clients disappears, in walks the man who caused her no limit of grief and struggle with her career, Douglas Ruark. Once the man she loved, and always a highly motivated prosecution attorney, their past is intermingled with hurt feelings, power struggles and the onus of their own baggage.

When the only lead they have leaves Samantha believing that integrating herself into a suspected cult as both bait and to gather information, the plot heats up as the tension from events and Samantha’s own childhood come into play.  Read more