Since May

Since our lives fell apart when the DH got sick and the insurance company gave us the mother of all run-arounds, life has decided to pile on the challenges. Of course, we’re not special or immune to the challenges that many face daily (or weekly), but it is the lack of available assistance from a government (or agencies) that are designed for aiding people who need temporary support while trying to reorganize and realign their lives in their ‘new normal’.

Since May

Every agency has come back with either “no minor children no help” or “come back in a week/month/next month” response – even those dedicated to ‘emergency’ short term help. From the VA to veteran’s organizations, churches, housing authorities and even some family – we’ve been stonewalled, delayed, pushed off or ignored. And not only does that mean that personally our situation becomes more challenging, but it also feeds into that Dante-like circle of hopelessness and helplessness that is never far from putting in an appearance.

You may wonder how “homeless’ isn’t the bottom of the barrel – but let me tell you – things can always get worse. From carefully counting each penny to be sure there is water and hydration because, well, dehydration in Atlanta is a very real and palpable danger. Wondering if it’s worth spending the five or seven dollars to eat (and trying to find something remotely ‘healthy’ because fast food is close and cheaper but does little, especially in this heat. Wondering if and when there will be enough to secure a roof over our heads for a night or two – time to shower and wash clothing (it’s dirty out there) rest in a bed, charge what electronics we use to connect to the world, and sleep without constant interruption because of weather, traffic, danger from the area – you name it. And worries about health -not the general get enough water and some rest – but actual health. The DH went into hospital for 9 days in December – Kidney issues, cardiac issues, hypertension and edema. Because of the insurance battles and lack of money – he’s not been on meds since the end of January. We’ve been homeless since 6 May, and in those 7 weeks he’s spent all but 12 days unable to keep anything down for more than about 8 hours – even water. We’ve both lost weight (inevitable given the situation) but the occasional fevers, sweats, vomiting and carefully deciding whether (or what) to try and keep down is exacerbated by heat, humidity and lack of shelter in the midst of the now-worsening heat. Not to mention the careful planning (and trying to locate) dry (or rain-protected) spaces with the afternoon storms that are so prevalent.

Even with all of these challenges, we’re managing to keep moving forward to some ‘unknown’ end – hoping that the next phone contact will bring some help, or assistance and our fortunes will change. For those asking about shelters – they are in both a bad area in downtown (about 18 – 20 miles from us) and single-sex – which would result in us separating – a move he is unwilling to take as the areas aren’t safe and he won’t leave me alone and far away from him. The VA is the cluster that is reported on the news.. family (who are willing) have helped, as have friends. But honestly – right now what we need is help to secure a room to get us off the street for a few nights. If you can help – any amount sent to paypal  at or through FB Messenger Pay  will help- we need to get under cover and into shelter as temps are 90+ with humidity – and expected to remain that way for the next few days……


[room per night is running $85 with tax – we’d like to know we have room/shelter stability through the upcoming holiday)

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