Reckless: Benson’s Boys #1 by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Reckless: Benson's Boys #1 by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Being most familiar with the Invertary series from Janet Elizabeth Henderson, with its quirky Scottish humor and setting, I was curious to see just how the humor and people would translate to a different setting. An offbeat, quirky and funny story that mixes a serious theme that could easily fall off the edge into maudlin, the first of the Benson Boys series will intrigue and amuse. Please read on for my review and excerpt, check out the tour stops and don’t forget to enter the tour wide giveaway where 2 Grand Prize winners will get $10 Amazon gift cards, and 2 runners up will get winner’s choice of digital title from Janet Elizabeth Henderson’s backlist.


I’ve been through a chunk of Henderson’s books lately, appreciating the quirky humor, characters that are just fractionally over the top, with humor and heart that is apparent in every connection.  Now she’s moved some of her characters to London as Lake Benson’s security business is expanding and growing.  Starting with a failed kidnapping attempt in which Megan, the wrong twin, was grabbed and extricated herself through sheer luck and bravado, the current mission is to shut down a sex-slaver’s business.

Megan is Claire’s twin: fiercely loyal and protective, and at a bit of loose ends. She’s burned through several different jobs, nothing has stuck, and now she is in London at the Benson Securities offices. She wants to help, but her impetuous nature and bravado, despite having very good intentions, are needing controlling.

Dmitri is a former military man, now allied with Benson security in the search for his sister Grabbed a year ago by their current target, her trail has run cold. Assimilating himself into the team and tasked with managing Megan, he’s singularly focused on finding his sister. Their target is ruthless, deadly and quick moving, and the necessity of bringing his entire operation to a halt, not just grab him, is a master-class in interagency cooperation and patience.

Dmitri and Megan’s connection is electric, while he goes all alpha she’s fighting the attraction and connection, especially when she is feeling constrained. They are supremely well-suited as he balances her impulsiveness, when he’s not been tased, bound, gagged and stuffed in a trunk.

Starting off a bit slowly, the story rolls forward, gaining momentum and characters along the way.  With moments from old friends and foes (Callum, Rachel and Joe) and new entrant into the mix, the severely social phobic Julia who spends more time trying to be invisible while she manages to organize even the craziest requests, as well as the manga-themed computer whiz Elle, the story mixes laugh till you cry moments with friendship, action, heart wrenching stories and the uncanny ability to keep readers engaged and wanting to know more.

Not for those who can’t appreciate humor that has moments of Benny Hill mixed in with the true hearts and emotions of a cast of characters that are full of surprises.

Reckless: Benson’s Boys #1 by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Title: Reckless
Author: Janet Elizabeth Henderson
Series: Benson's Boys #1
Genre: 18+ Read, Contemporary Romance, Humor elements, Suspense Elements
Published by: Self-Published
Published on: 24 July, 2016
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 260
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame

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The new London office of Benson Security hasn’t even opened its doors yet and already it’s neck deep in its first case…

If the mission doesn’t kill him, his sexy partner just might.

Dimitri Raast and Megan Donaldson have a common enemy—the head of an organisation that specializes in human trafficking and sexual slavery. They have similar motivation—Dimitri’s sister was taken by the organisation, and Megan’s sister is threatened by it. They have the same goal—eliminate their enemy and save their sisters. Given they have so much in common, you would think working together would be a piece of cake.

You would be wrong.

While Dimitri brings skills and experience from years as a US Army Ranger to their partnership, Megan brings a background in failed career choices and an ability to cause trouble wherever she goes. Yet, even with so much at stake, Dimitri can’t resist Megan’s particular brand of crazy. She’s wild, she’s sexy and she’s fearless. An irresistible combination for a man who lives his life completely in control. Now, after almost a year with one all-consuming focus, Dimitri finds himself torn between rescuing his sister and protecting the woman he wants—from herself.

Before she gets them both killed.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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They were meeting Johnny Rotten in a dark alley. Of course they were meeting a guy called Johnny Rotten in a dark alley. Megan rolled her eyes. Obviously Johnny went to the TV movie school of how to be a bad guy.

“You stay here.” Dimitri pointed at a dumpster. Yeah. A dumpster. She half expected some guy with a camera to shout cut and make them start again.

“You don’t mean in the dumpster, right?” Because—eew!

“No. Beside it. In the dark.” He didn’t even try to disguise that he was losing patience. “Don’t move, don’t make a sound, don’t interrupt.”

Blah, blah, blah, let the big boys play. She was so tired of hearing the same old tune. It was time to change the radio station.

“Right,” Dimitri said. “I’m going to drive round and come in from the other end.”

“Why can’t I just wait in the car? It’s cold and it stinks here.”

“Because…” He stretched the word out. “You’re supposed to be my hostage. I can’t just let you hang out in the car.”

“I can pretend to be drugged.”

“No. Too dangerous. He might spot you, know who you are and that Rudi wants you. Then what would stop him deciding to eliminate me and take you to Rudi himself?”

She stamped her feet to get her blood circulating before the chill removed her toes. “Why didn’t you just take me back to the office?”

“You’re my backup.” There was a silent ‘idiot’ attached to that sentence, she just knew it.

“The backup that hides in dumpsters?”

“The backup that phones for help if it looks like things are going south.”

Megan blushed, grateful he couldn’t see it in the dark. “So, I need my phone?”

He put his hands on his hips and looked skyward for a moment. “Where is it?”

“Car.” She gave him what she hoped was an apologetic smile.

He stomped off, cursing under his breath and came back a few minutes later with the phone. “Sorted now?”

Megan nodded. It probably wasn’t the best time to tell him she really needed to use the bathroom. She could hold it. How long did it take to have a covert meeting in an alley anyway?

She gave him a thumbs up and watched him march back to the car. Leaving her alone in a stinky, dark alley. Alone and not thinking about how good Dimitri’s lips felt against hers. Nope. She wasn’t thinking about that at all. She was a professional—nearly. She had a job to do. She backed into the shadows and tried to become invisible. Ninja Megan. She could do it. It was all about the power of the mind. She closed her eyes and took a few calming breaths.

That’s when her stomach rumbled. Her hand smacked flat on it as she bit her lip. Maybe all that fried food wasn’t such a great idea after all. Not that she would ever admit that to Dimitri. She was still mad at the man. Sure she’d been the first to say they weren’t in a relationship, but he didn’t have to agree so enthusiastically. He’d sounded affronted. As though she was the last person on earth he’d consider dating. It was insulting. Her stomach made a strange bubbling sound as she saw Dimitri’s SUV pull up at the other end of the alley. He got out and stood under the yellow glow of the street lamp. Waiting. Alert. Moody.

Megan’s stomach rumbled again. Loudly. This wasn’t good. So much for not making a sound. Her own body was working against her. She crouched down in an attempt to dull the noise, and hoped it worked. She closed her eyes, tried to calm her stomach and think thoughts that made her invisible.

That’s when she farted.

It wasn’t silent.

Megan dropped her head to her knees. If the bad guys didn’t get her, she’d die of humiliation.

And then her stomach rumbled again.

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