Little Pink Taxi by Marie Laval

Little Pink Taxi by Marie Laval

Marie Laval comes to the blog today with a lovely story full of castles, legends, ravens and ghosts in

Little Pink Taxi

Rosalie and her mother arrived at Raventhorn Castle when she was a child, and it’s the only place she’s ever known. Wanting to make some money and help out the residents in this little corner, she started a taxi business – ferrying residents to appointments, grocers , toddler meetings and elsewhere: allowing everyone to feel connected. Additionally, she’s part of a small group that does ‘wellness checks’ for residents, particularly the elderly and any tourists that may be in holiday lets away from town, and she’s also a constant presence for those who want to be cheered. She’s never wanted any other life than the one she has, even if money is tight. But when she’s sent to the airport to collect one Marc Peterson and bring him back to town. No, scratch that – the new owner of Raventhorn Castle has come to take account of his property. A surprise to Rosalie as Geoff, the owner, didn’t tell her about the sale, and he’d just crashed his vintage Porsche into a tree and is in hospital, recovering.

Marc Peterson is impatiently waiting information regarding the helicopter crash that killed his father, and trying to figure out why his father would have overpaid, greatly, for the rundown castle in the middle of nowhere Scotland. Making matters worse is the marshmallow-pink clad taxi driver and her equally pink taxi, hours without sleep and her apparent addiction to peppy pop songs that say little and grate on his nerves. The castle is in worse shape than he imagined, even selling it off piecemeal isn’t looking like a solid recoup on his investment. Add to that the tales of a ghost, and a woman standing at the side of the road and Marc is sure that understanding why his father would have spent money on the place is something he can’t see.

Oh the fun of this – as Rosalie is an “all in” sort of girl – knowing everyone in town and determined to make it easier for them to manage their daily lives with her help. Sure, there’s not much money in it – but she’s doing ok, able to mostly pay the people who work for her and desperately need their salaries. Marc is a bottom line guy, but there’s something about Rosalie, the castle and the strange appearances of a woman, and ravens…. Somewhere there must be a clue. With a potential family connection, unearthing secrets about Rosalie’s past and something her mother left behind, and Geoff’s cousin Rupert – a thoroughly dislikable and disreputable man, there are twists, turns and dangers aplenty. When you add in the appearance of an employee of Marc’s, Kristin – who claims to be ‘almost engaged’ and isn’t polite or quiet about shutting down and selling off the castle contents and businesses (Including Rosalie’s taxi service) things are dire – until they aren’t – and a chance taken by Rosalie, when everything else is at stake, makes all the difference. A wonderful summer read full of Scotland, legend, history and plenty of heart.

Little Pink Taxi by Marie Laval

Title: Little Pink Taxi
Author: Marie Laval
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy, Setting: Scotland
Published by: Choc Lit
ISBN: 9781781893999
Published on: 20 February, 2018
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 347
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Take a ride with Love Taxis, the cab company with a Heart …

Rosalie Heart is a well-known face in Irlwick – well, if you drive a bright pink taxi and your signature style is a pink anorak, you’re going to draw a bit of attention! But Rosalie’s company Love Taxis is more than just a gimmick – for many people in the remote Scottish village, it’s a lifeline.

Which is something that Marc Petersen will never understand. Marc’s ruthless approach to business doesn’t extend to pink taxi companies running at a loss. When he arrives in Irlwick to see to a new acquisition – Raventhorn, a rundown castle – it’s apparent he poses a threat to Rosalie’s entire existence; not just her business, but her childhood home too.

On the face of it Marc and Rosalie should loathe each other, but what they didn’t count on was somebody playing cupid …

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About Marie Laval

Originally from Lyon in France, Marie Laval now lives in the beautiful Rossendale Valley, Lancashire, England. She writes contemporary and historical romance, always with a French twist. Her novels are published by Accent Press, and  Choc Lit

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