Immortal: The Trelawneys of Williamsburg #2 by Anne Meredith

Immortal: The Trelawneys of Williamsburg #2 by Anne Meredith

Book two in The Trelawneys of Wiliamsburg series by Anne Meredith is on the blog today. An intriguing mix of historical fiction, time-travel, romance and mystery, please read on for my review of


Picking up with the story and mystery started in Tender, Anne Meredith brings us one of Rachel’s forgotten sisters, Merrilea (Marley) and the grandmother Rachel never knew, Hannah (Nan).  Merrilea’s name was changed when she was a toddler and went to live with Nan, for their protection.  Now an archaeologist, Marley is working on a dig site in Norfolk. Thinking that this could possibly be the lost ship The Adventurer, a privateering ship sailing in 1775.

A break from the dig site takes Marley and Nan to a Carribbean vacation, their first, and a tropical storm nearly drowns Marley. She wakes in the arms of a charming man, a ship’s captain named Hawk, from that self-same ship that Marley believes is the focus of her work in Norfolk.

Many secrets are revealed to Marley: from the time slip she made with Hawk to her grandmother’s efforts to keep her safe, her sister’s relationship with Grey Trewlawney and his ties to Hawk and Raven, and even the  real story of her parents’ death and the current threats to her life in the present.  All while learning to rely on her own curiosity and courage, and perhaps take a chance on love, with Hawk. But how can she sort out the man she knows with the future she also knows has happened, and just when (or will) she come to meet her sister.

Meredith has again created a hard to put down story, occasionally complicated with the multiple threads of past and present, the secret reveals, and the added complexity of “knowing the future” and what is safe to reveal.  Actual history infuses the feel of the story, lending an air of authenticity to the historic moments with detail and descriptions that allow readers easily visualized moments.  One difficulty I did have with the book was the occasional moments where readers were addressed almost directly by the characters, finding those moments felt more awkward and forced then other more common pov reveals.

Not a book to be read before reading Tender, the ever-complex story of the Miller sisters and their ties to early America is a gripping and engaging read, full of fantasy, romance, history and mysteries, sure to please many.

Immortal: The Trelawneys of Williamsburg #2 by Anne Meredith

Title: Immortal
Author: Anne Meredith
Series: The Trelawneys of Williamsburg #2
Also in this series: Tender
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance, Historic Elements, Setting: American, Time Travel / Alternate Universe
Published by: Self-Published
ISBN: 0692791035
Published on: 15 November 2016
Source: Author
Pages: 445
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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Rachel remembered nothing of the past. Her sister Merrilea remembers too much.

Immortal continues the saga of the Trelawneys of Williamsburg, which began in 1746 with the love story of Rachel and slave-trader Grey Trelawney. Immortal is the story of Merrilea Miller, the younger sister of Rachel, who has been raised in hiding by her grandmother, Hannah Hastings ("Nan"), an English woman with a stormy, sorrowful past and many secrets.

When Merrilea was still a toddler, Nan changed her name to Marley Hastings for her own protection - and for Nan's.

Join Marley, an archaeologist and Williamsburg historian as she discovers the "Lost Sea Captain" in the dig of an 18th-century ship found in a construction site in Norfolk. When she goes on a Caribbean vacation with Nan, Marley herself nearly drowns in a tropical storm until she's rescued by a handsome sea captain.

Marley soon learns she's traveled in time and that Hawk and his best friend, Raven, support the burgeoning American revolution on their ship, the Adventurer, as privateers in the year 1775. The crew wages valiant fights against Royal Navy warships on the high seas, British Army gunners at the Battle of Great Bridge, and the villainous Lucian Caine, who has returned from the past to settle an old score he had with the Trelawneys.

As shy Marley falls in love with the charming Hawk, he brings her out of her shell and teaches her to have courage. Hawk himself is pleasantly surprised at the passion revealed in the fiery young woman. Marley soon comes to believe that Hawk is indeed the Lost Sea Captain - but how can she intervene in his fate without upsetting history?

When they arrive in Boston to visit Raven's family, Marley learns that her family has an unshakable bond with them - again, going back to her sister, Rachel.

And at last they visit Rosalie - where Marley is surprised to get a glimpse into the very time portal where her own sister traveled to Rosalie thirty years before.

A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Anne Meredith

Anne Meredith is a Texas native who has been highly praised for her time travel romances. She first grew interested in exploring the concept of time travel during a visit to historic Jefferson, TX – a town rich with Texas folklore. She traveled back to the historic legends of this region in her first two novels, Love’s Timeless Hope and Love Across Time, published by St. Martin’s Press. When she later visited Colonial Williamsburg with her son, she was inspired to create the Trelawneys of Williamsburg series. In addition to writing historical fiction, she has spent over 24 years as a professional writer.


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