Devil In My Arms:The Saint’s Devils #3 by Samantha Kane

Devil In My Arms:The Saint’s Devils #3 by Samantha Kane

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Devil in My Arms is the first I have read of this author’s work and my obsession with all things historic romance wouldn’t let me pass it up.  Samantha Kane has a new fan, with the plot, the characters and the exceptionally witty dialogue and word play from both the hero and heroine.
Not all was roses for Eleanor: long suffering of abuse at the hand of her husband for her (and isn’t it always the woman in these stories) inability to present him an heir.  Finally unable to take the abuse, she runs away, and lives in hiding, trying to stay under the radar.  She finally decides to take a chance, and appeared at her sister’s home after three months of hiding.

Hillary St. John is not your typical regency hero.  One of the Devils, he is a ginger (redhead) which is completely different from other male heroes of this period.  He is also erudite and quick witted, with a penchant for puzzles and an appreciation of women who speak their mind, very unlike his contemporaries.

There are mysteries and dangers in this story, with several roadblocks to the relationship between Hill and Eleanor, not the least of which is her refusal to enter into a situation that requires her subrogation to another, her marriage cleared her head of idealistic and romantic dreams, and her survival and safety are first in her mind.  Hill just wants her, and wants to protect and heal her wounds, although the road to this end is not a simple one.

There were some elements that are highly irregular in the regencies: Eleanor is a woman possessed of very modern sensibilities and attitudes, which she manages to express regularly.  The regard which Hill affords the women he encounters is more than simple politeness; he doesn’t fail to see the cleverness behind the pretty faces, or the ability of women to approach problems logically.  While the situations and obstacles presented are very appropriate to the time, the cooperation to find the culprit and the happy ending are unusual and very entertaining.  With a touch of steam to liven up the quiet moments with Hill and Eleanor, the pages just flew past.  I certainly will be purchasing the others in this series, and will be awaiting future installments.

Devil In My Arms:The Saint’s Devils #3 by Samantha Kane

Title: Devil in My Arms
Author: Samantha Kane
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by: Loveswept, Random House
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 272
Rated: four-stars
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One by one, the Saint’s Devils—Samantha Kane’s wicked, wonderful Regency heroes—continue to enchant the women who capture their rakish hearts.

Even though she is starving and destitute, Eleanor Enderby’s quiet beauty strikes Sir Hilary St. John speechless. He expects the woman he’s searching for to be skittish and plain. Instead he finds the picture of bravery—and willfulness—in his quarry. She gives away little, but Hil can see something is terribly amiss. And though he cannot say exactly why, he is determined not to let her come to more harm than whatever it is she has already survived.

Six months later, Eleanor believes she has finally found safety from the tyrant she risked her life to escape. Thought to be dead by society, Eleanor is ready to be reborn as someone new—someone whose life will never again be tied to the fate of one man. But her smoldering savior seems unwilling to leave her unprotected for an instant. Despite the threats he thinks he sees coming, the real dangers Eleanor faces in Hil's arms are unmistakable: temptation, seduction, and maybe even love.

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About Samantha Kane

I write regency-set historical erotic romance for Ellora's Cave. I have a top-selling series called Brothers In Arms about a group of Napleonic War veterans.

My newest steamy Regency-set series, The Saint's Devils, is about a group of rakes who are old school friends. Their leader, Sir Hilary St. John, is a Sherlock Holmes like character who solves a mystery concerning the heroine in each book.