Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange by Jenny Kane

Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange by Jenny Kane

Jenny Kane returns with the second book set at Mill Grange, a historic house in a small village at the top of the moors in 

Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange 

When we last left Mill Grange, Sam had purchased the property with plans to make it a site where others, like him, returning from the military with ongoing traumatic issues to deal with could find some peace and perhaps further their reintegration into society.  While the Grange is still being renovated and equipped for that purpose, Thea is excited about the find of a Roman fortlet on the property, and is working with her presenter-boyfriend Shaun to get his wildly popular television show to do a piece about both the fortlet and Sam’s plans to work with veterans of the services suffering from PTSD.   

This series is so full of friendship, information and love! Tina is in love with Sam, while Sam is struggling with his father’s disappointment in his choices, and his inability to cope with severe claustrophobia.  In addition, Tina is also feeling a bit ‘left out’ with the easy camaraderie from her friends, her need to still manage the trust means hours away, and with Thea so busy with the fortlet and other work, Mabel now managing meals for guests, and Shaun off filming in Cornwall for another dig of what could possibly be an 11th century church, not to mention interference in his relationship with Thea all masterminded by the daughter of the house in Cornwall, and Thea’s old friend and workmate at the Roman Baths site turning up: people are often too busy to think, let alone spend quiet or quality friend time with each other.  

What Kane has done here is brought in the archaeological moments and friendships (along with hiccups to work out along the way) and added new people into the mix, changing dynamics while pushing our main characters forward in their growth. With the addition of Helen, opportunities to use archaeology and the tasks required are highlighted for the veterans coming to Sam’s program while money woes, a new employee, a new batch of chickens to mix with Tony Stark’s crew and some lovely moments featuring the wise words of a five-year old boy bring us to new opportunities, new hopes and plenty of smiles all around.  A lovely foray into friendships, romances, the steady if not always forward progression of overcoming limitations and trauma, and plenty of laughs and advice from unlikely corners, I can’t wait for the next installment.  

Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange by Jenny Kane

Title: Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange
Author: Jenny Kane
Genre: British, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Family Saga, Friendship, Historic Elements, Humor elements, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Setting: Britain, Small Town, Sociological Relevancy
Published by: Aria
ISBN: 838938125
Published on: 10 September, 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 416
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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At Mill Grange, the work – and the fun – never stops! As autumn brings coolness and colour, change is in the air for all at the manor...

Sam Philips' time in the forces changed him forever. Supported by his friends, Sam is keen to help make beautiful Mill Grange a safe retreat for injured army personnel... but his crippling claustrophobia means Sam is living in a tent on the grounds! Enlisting the help of charming village stalwarts Bert and Mabel Hastings, Tina Martins is determined to find a way to help him conquer his fears. But why does she feel like he is keeping a secret?

After discovering evidence of a Roman fortlet on the manor's grounds, Thea Thomas is thrilled at the chance to return to her archaeological roots and lead the excavation. She spent the summer with handsome celebrity archaeologist Shaun Cowlson – but now he's off filming his Landscape Treasures show in Cornwall, and Thea can't help but miss his company. Especially as someone else is vying for his attention...

Welcome back to Mill Grange and the beautiful village of Upwich, full of larger-than-life characters you can't help but adore.

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