Angel Falls: Cassandra Bick Chronicles #3 by Tracey Sinclair

Angel Falls: Cassandra Bick Chronicles #3 by Tracey Sinclair

I don’t know why more people aren’t discovering Tracey Sinclair’s urban fantasy series, Cassandra Bick Chronicles.  Truly this is one of the best Urban Fantasies you’ve never heard of!  I’ve read much of this series – it’s unique, funny and totally twisted in ALL the best ways.  Please read on for my review of

Angel Falls

I’ve travelled with Cassandra Bick through London as she struggled with all of her new experiences and discoveries in this city of the paranormal.  A human with a ‘touch’ of something special, Cass decided to open a dating agency, Dark Dates, that catered to vampires and the humans that were intrigued.  Now three books in, and Dark Dates is not regularly providing her with a steady income. Of course, her entanglement between Laclos, the rock-star of old vampires and Cain, her on-again off-again wholly unlabeled boyfriend that is both more and less than an angel.

After Wolf Night (book 2) I didn’t think that there could be quite as much going on, but apparently London is a 24 hour town, and Cass is always in the mix, somehow.  I adore Cass: she’s smart, not always careful, funny, loyal and completely non-judgmental.  She’s one of those people who just draw others to her – her sense of humor and snarky comments add a wonderful layer of ‘ice breaker’ moments – keeping the story from being all doom and gloom.  And interactions with her friends (Kate and Medea), her men (Laclos and Cain) as well as moments with other vampires, messengers, angels and even her cat all feel possible and natural, and move the story forward except when you are laughing too hard to continue.

One would think that the squashing of a war between the werewolves and vampires would have brought some sanity to Cass’ life, but no.  Laclos has gone over the top, even more outrageous and outlandish than before, and with a new infusion of something extra from Cain’s lifesaving efforts  – he’s about to start a whole new level of trouble.  And this could mean Armageddon for everyone if the disgruntled vampires have their way.

Truly the best urban fantasy that you’ve never heard of, Tracey Sinclair infuses the story with characters you want to know, vampires, werewolves, witches and other creatures that alternate between funny, dangerous, untrustworthy and a girl’s best friend, and action.  So much action that it runs fast and furious through the story, keeping you on your toes as you rush to the next book.  Angel Falls is slightly darker with an ending that left me heartbroken for Cass, even as I couldn’t see any other possibility.  Stakes are higher, hearts and lives are on the line, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A truly wonderful 3rd book for the series, I’m now off to read the supplementals, A Vampire in New York and Other Stories.  If you like UF or paranormal romance with heat and action – go grab this series now!

Angel Falls: Cassandra Bick Chronicles #3 by Tracey Sinclair

Title: Angel Falls
Author: Tracey Sinclair
Series: Cassandra Bick Chronicles #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published on: 13 January 2016
Source: Author
Pages: 210
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame

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It isn't easy to surprise Cassandra Bick. When you run a human-vampire dating agency, your colleague is a witch who is engaged to a shifter and your business partner is one of London's most powerful (and sexiest) vampires, there's no such thing as a normal day at the office.

But when a mysterious Dark Dates client brings a dire warning of a new threat to the city's supernatural community, Cass and her friends realise they are up against their deadliest foe yet – and that this time, the danger is far closer to home than they could ever have imagined.

Sexy, snarky and with more bite than a crypt full of vampires, Angel Falls is the latest in the Dark Dates: Cassandra Bick series.

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A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


Favorite Quotes (because How Could I Not?)


“he might not be very domestic when it came to most chores, but he was shit hot on body disposal. And isn’t that what a girl dreams of?” {speaking of Cain}

“Bet you wish the angels would come back and smite you now, right?”
He gave a ferverent nod.
“Oh fuck, yes.”   {Cassandra and Cain}

“So…tell me, this whole ‘undead vermin’ thing aside, would you ever consider taking a vampire for a lover?”  {Laclos to Cain}

He looked away for a moment, his face assuming that now familiar, ever-annoying, “It’s like explaining nuclear physics to a sheep” expression.  {Cain after yet another question from Cass}

The bag Cain held, which I was starting to suspect had some kind of Hermione Grainger spell on it, and he would, at any moment produce from its depths a tank, or maybe just a pony.  (a simple reflection from Cass}


About Tracey Sinclair

Tracey Sinclair is a writer and editor. Her novel and collection of short stories (Doll and No Love Is This, respectively) have been published by independent publisher Kennedy & Boyd. She is currently working on the paranormal series, Dark Dates/The Cassandra Bick Chronicles.

Her work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Sky, Printer’s Devil, Yours and Woman’s Weekly, as well as having been performed on the radio. Her first play, Bystanders, was premiered as part of the New Writing Season at Baron’s Court Theatre. She also a regular contributor to online theatre magazine Exeunt

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