Christmas at the Island Hotel: Mure #4 by Jenny Colgan

Christmas at the Island Hotel: Mure #4 by Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan returns with the 4th book from the little island of Mure with  

Christmas at the Island Hotel  

Much has happened since we last left Mure: Flora and Joel have had a little boy, Douglas: Fintan is still reeling from the loss of Colton, Isla and Iona are flourishing at the little Seaside Café, Agot is five and obsessed with Torvill and Dean, and a new French chef has been hired at The Rock in preparation for the grand opening.  

But there are changes afoot, and Fintan is near-catatonic and resistent to running the hotel that Colton dreamed of and left to him – so Flora and Joel (as Colton’s trust attorney) have stepped in to fill the gaps, with one important addition. Konstantin, the son of a prominent Norwegian royal, has been ‘banished’ to The Rock by his family in hopes he’ll mend his profligate ways. A playboy and gadabout, Konstantin has no real life skills, a chip on his shoulder and a dpg that is not only large but very boisterous.  With Flora doing all she can to manage the hotel and the upcoming opening in Fintan’s absence (or disregard) she’s moved Isla from the Seaside Café to the hotel kitchen, a move Isla is worried about (and being the more timid of the two best friends, not sure she can handle).   

From here we are treated to more from Flora and her worries about the baby and her lack of interest in being home and taking care of him full time: Joel’s obsession with said baby, Agot’s increasingly spoilt behavior, Isla trying to stay ‘invisible’ in the kitchens but being paired with the very useless albeit handsome Konstantin, Fintan’s slow recognition of the attraction he has for the new chef, and Dr. Saif and new, heartbreaking information about his long-lost wife and mother of his two boys, and how that impacts his budding (yet secret) relationship with Lorna – the head teacher and Flora’s best friend.  

All the best bits of a Colgan book as the characters direct the story with the island (and the weather) being a huge guiding force. From Isla’s own growth to Konstantin finding people who, not knowing who he is – yet, discovering his place and skills.  Flora’s struggles with juggling work, the baby and her worries, and Joel trying to find a way to make Christmas special for the island as per Colton’s requests.  Fintan dealing with his grief, some usual (and unusual) struggles with the decorations, friendship, family, food and some pitfalls – the story of the island continues and cements itself further into one of my ‘go to’ sweetly satisfying reads, sure to please and bring a bit of the ‘everything works out in time’ happiness that this author repeatedly brings. Sure to be a favorite for those who appreciate slow-growing stories that focus on characters and their connections, grab this book, or the series and escape to a tiny island, closer to Norway than England – and full of delights!  

Christmas at the Island Hotel: Mure #4 by Jenny Colgan

Title: Christmas at the Island Hotel
Author: Jenny Colgan
Series: Mure #4
Genre: British, Comedic Elements, Contemporary Elements, Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Family Saga, Friendship, Holiday Themed, Humor elements, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Setting: Scotland, Small Town
Published by: William Morrow
ISBN: 0062911287
Published on: 20 October, 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 352
Audio Length: 12 Hours
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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Another heartfelt and delightful Christmas tale from the beloved New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop on the Corner and Christmas on the Island.

New York Times bestselling author Jenny Colgan returns to the setting of Christmas on the Island and Endless Beach for a heartwarming new novel celebrating the season, and Scotland.

On the tiny, beautiful, and remote island of Mure, halfway between Scotland and Norway, a new hotel opening is a big event. New mother Flora MacKenzie and her brother Fintan are working themselves half to death to get it ready in time for Christmas.

The new hotel’s impressive kitchens throw together two unlikely new friends: Isla Gregor is the hardworking young girl who has been a waitress in the island's cafe, dreaming of a bigger, better life now that she’s at a proper fancy hotel. Konstantin Pederson is working his way up in the hotel's kitchens too…but he is also, secretly, the only son of the Duke of Utsire. Konstantin has been sent to learn what it is to work hard for a living, before receiving his inheritance. Although he’s initially resentful, the place grows on him; he has never met anyone quite like Isla and her fellow Murians before.

As the island’s residents and special VIP guests gather for the hotel’s grand opening gala, Christmas is in the air. But so are more than a few small-town secrets…

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Jenny Colgan

Jenny T. Colgan was born in 1972 in Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK. After studying at Edinburgh University, she worked for six years in the health service, moonlighting as a cartoonist and a stand-up comic, before the publication of her first novel Amanda's Wedding in 2000. In 2013, her novel "Welcome to Rosie Hopkin's Sweetshop of Dreams" won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists' Association. She is now working on her next novel.

She is married with Andrew, a marine engineer, and had three children, Wallace, Michael-Francis, and Delphie. She mostly lives in France, with frequent visits to London. She occasionally writes for The Guardian newspaper, as well as a TV series.

Her Doctor Who novel Dark Horizons is published under the name J.T. Colgan.


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