So Wrong It Must Be Right by Nicole Helm

So Wrong It Must Be Right by Nicole Helm

A new to me author, Nicole Helm on the blog today with the first in her Gallagher & Ivy contemporary romance series. And oh – the premise for this one is adorable! Please read on for my review of

So Wrong It Must Be Right

I’ll be honest, the premise and blurb for this one caught my eye and wouldn’t let go. Who could resist a story about two people that have been engaged in an email / sexting relationship for the last months, and just happen to live next to one another? And when their face-to-face interactions are full of sparks, wholly different from the steamy email…. You’d grab that. Be honest. I know I did.

Dinah works in the family business, a restaurant, and she’s got all sorts of plans to get things moving. Wanting to expand, bring in other custom and just generally make her mark, she’s decided the small home and plot of land (with wonderful gardens) is perfect for her plans. And she sets about planning a takeover. Because, by now, with no relationship to hand, and all of the family dramas, there isn’t a huge draw for her attentions elsewhere. Once she’s run through the latest sexy emails from her mystery man, she’s got to put that energy somewhere.

Carter has spent the last while carefully renovating the small house and plot of land left to him by his grandmother. A man who isn’t afraid of hard work, and has little patience for people who think their money and position entitles them to anything, he’s really not interested when one of them in the form of Dinah, approaches with an offer to purchase his home and garden. Neither of them is quite aware that they have been sexting for months, and the sparks (and tension) are high.

And then, the premise that was so wonderfully proposed is lost to overblown and repeated family dramas that served no purpose for me but to distract. I wanted to see more of Carter’s revelations and working through his own baggage, wth and without Dinah, and she had miles to come as well – but we have drama, intermixed with some sexy hot moments on the page and in person, and it’s almost no time at all for the end.

While the writing was solid, it almost felt (as happens with some of the authors I edit for) that the characters had other ideas for their story, and the ideas that were so clever and I had hoped to see realized fully just weren’t. I was lost in the drama, much of it unneeded and unrelated to the story between Carter and Dinah that needed telling, and that experience left me knowing this wasn’t the book for me. People who enjoy extra drama and a heroine who moves from sympathetic to near unlikeable during this drama will find this more to their taste.

So Wrong It Must Be Right by Nicole Helm

Title: So Wrong It Must Be Right
Author: Nicole Helm
Series: Gallagher & Ivy #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Lyrical Press
ISBN: 1601839634
Published on: 21 March, 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 182
Rated: three-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame

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It’s all fun and games until fantasy gets real . . .

At twenty-seven, Dinah Gallagher thought she’d have it all figured out. Instead, she’s having mind-blowing online sex with a man she knows nothing about and fighting for her rightful place in the family business. Part of that battle means expanding their century-old restaurant by getting the stubborn urban farmer next door to sell them his lot.

But Carter Trask is tired of being pushed around—especially by rich families like the Gallaghers. All he has left is the little farm he’s scratched out of his grandmother’s yard. At least he can blow off steam with the anonymous woman he’s been emailing for the past eight months, who makes his every sexual fantasy come alive—even if it’s only online.

When Dinah suddenly realizes that Carter’s gardens look just like some of her mystery man’s photos, she can’t resist trying to turn her dreams into reality. Against his better judgment, Carter joins in the game. But in real life, passion has a way of becoming very complicated, very quickly. And sometimes the wrong choice can turn out to be oh so right . . .

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


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