Three Little Words: Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #3 by Jenny Holiday

Three Little Words: Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #3 by Jenny Holiday

Jenny Holiday comes to the blog with the third (and I believe, final) installment in her Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series, narrated by Angéle Masters.

Three Little Words

Having gone back and forth with this series, and particularly the characters and clichés, this installment was no different and as it focused on Gia – she of the outrageous temper tantrums, less than charitable thoughts about others and a general sense of spoiled rotten without real depth – it proved to be more and less difficult than I thought.  For  Gia is, underneath the model beauty and quite frankly, crap, attitude – a woman full of insecurities and contradictions: worried about her remaining viability in the modeling industry, questionable relationships with friends AND food, and very little outside her world of pretty faces to make a real impression BUT her friends.  So, while I despised Gia and found her desperately in need of a social media blackout and a bit of receiving the same mistreatment she inflicts on others, Holiday did manage to show (and explore) her insecurities and issues with a dexterity that surprised me.  But, as this series is focused on members of a tight-knit friend group all getting married in various places, under different circumstances.  And, as this wedding is in Florida – Gia’s got to get there – from New York – and there’s a problem that keeps her from flying.

Bennett is a southern boy – now working as a chef in the big city and also needing to be in Miami at the same wedding. When flying became questionable, he was quick on his feet and rented the last vehicle – planning to drive.  A strop from Gia, his own innate manners and a bit of fascination with the overly tall two year old, and a wedding they are both attending and …… they go together.  Here where I hoped for some clever banter and a bit of self-examination (from Gia) or even a muting of her abrasive personality – and I got……..quick decisions, cliched assumptions and a bit of ‘life changing’ moments mixed with an insta-love that never actually felt as if the connection went deeper than proximity.  Bennett is wonderful and a character well-capable of being anyone’s ideal book boyfriend – and why he chose Gia – and put up with her mistreatment was beyond me. Again, Holiday hit on a concept that could be marvelous and clever – and the lack of characterization and race to a happy conclusion let us down.

Narration for this book is provided by Angéle Masters and it is her facility with tone variations that keep the characters straight and recognizable – even as the actual plot and story arc didn’t manage to provide a ‘need to listen’ story.  She did take appropriate care with the revelation of Gia’s many issues, and while Holiday did an admirable job of both highlighting and creating empathy for Gia and her issues, the quick decisions and connection that never actually felt plausible with the underdeveloped characters left it flat.  Still, I found this more intriguing than the last, simply as flashes of Holiday’s ability to create compelling and layered characters showed itself in moments, although unfortunately not consistently enough.

Stars: Overall 3  Narration 3  Story 2.5

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