How to Woo a Wallflower: Romancing the Rules #3 by Christy Carlyle

How to Woo a Wallflower: Romancing the Rules #3 by Christy Carlyle

Christy Carlyle returns to the blog today with the third titles in her Romancing the Rules series, a Victorian era story that deals with the middle class! Please read on for my review of

How to Woo a Wallflower

Returning to the Ruthven’s story, the third book focuses on Clary, a young woman who can’t wait to get her hands on an inheritance, with which she plans to help the young women at Miss Fisk’s School for Unfortunate Girls. But, she soon learns that she will have to marry to have her own money – and that doesn’t work for her at all. She wants to control her own life and destiny, and without a way to earn her own keep – that isn’t going to happen. Her brother, Kit, part owner of Ruthven Publishing, offers her a place at the company, learning the trade from the manager, Gabriel Adamson. Already knowing the man, and finding him dour and rigid, Clary isn’t thrilled, but means to an end and all that – and she accepts.

Gabriel has worked his entire life to distance himself from his lowly birthplace: a Whitechapel birth and struggle for his early years, he always thought of more – and has done all he can to distance himself from the way he earned his way out. Hiding his secrets and unwilling to allow this boisterous, outspoken and determined young woman to draw his gaze from his goals of a quiet life with a boring and uncomplicated wife, he’s doing everything he can to discourage Clary from continuing to torment his days with her presence and his nights with his thoughts of her. Oh – but Clary’s determination, and her boldness lead to a kiss, a kiss he can’t forget.

Carlyle is a wonderful storyteller and creating this unusual Ruthven family who are all determined to lead lives that make a difference and please them – even if not conventional. Allowing readers to see the darker sides of Victorian life, experience society’s changes and be treated to a story that is wholly historic in feel but differs as th story is about the ordinary people – those without titles or pretentions so valued by the tonne. With Clary’s determination to visit and make a difference in the East End, Gabriel’s every fear is awakened: her safety and his secrets could be the undoing of everything he’s built to this point.

Gradually we see that most of Gabriel’s reserve with Clary is more insecurity and a belief that he’s not worthy of someone as well-bred as she, and his worries of her reaction when she discovers his secrets. But, Clary isn’t just determined to make a difference for the women of Miss Fisk’s, she’s truly encouraged by anyone who can take charge of their life and rise above circumstances of poverty, birth or education – but could this possibly help design a future for her and Gabriel? Another wonderful story in the series, easily read in any order and sure to please fans of historic romance who want something different from the next story about a duke gone wrong or a lady scandalizing the tonne.

How to Woo a Wallflower: Romancing the Rules #3 by Christy Carlyle

Title: How to Woo a Wallflower
Author: Christy Carlyle
Series: Romancing the Rules #3
Also in this series: Rules for a Rogue, A Study in Scoundrels
Genre: Historical Romance, Setting: Britain, Victorian
Published by: Avon Impulse
ISBN: 0062572407
Published on: 14 November, 2017
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Pages: 336
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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An Unconventional Wallflower…

Clarissa Ruthven was born to be a proper lady, but she’s never wanted to live up to the expectations her late father set. Determined to use her inheritance to help the less fortunate women of London, she’s devastated to learn that she won’t be inheriting anything until she marries, a fate she has no interest in. Unwilling to let go of her plans, Clary works at Ruthven Publishing for Gabriel Adamson, a man who’s always hated her. She’s always returned the feeling, but as she begins to turn her family’s publishing company upside down, she finds herself unable to forget her handsome boss.

Never Follows the Rules…

Gabriel Adamson believes in order. He certainly doesn’t believe Clary should be sticking her nose in the publishing company, and she definitely has no business invading his every thought. But Gabe soon finds he can’t resist Clary’s sense of freedom or her passionate kisses and he starts to crave everything she’s willing to give him.

Especially When It Comes to Love…

When Gabe’s dark past comes back to haunt him, he’ll do anything to make sure that Clary isn’t hurt…even if it means giving up the only woman he’s ever loved.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Christy Carlyle

Fueled by Pacific Northwest coffee and inspired by multiple viewings of every British costume drama she can get her hands on, Christy Carlyle writes sensual historical romance set in the Victorian era. She loves heroes who struggle against all odds and heroines who are ahead of their time. A former teacher with a degree in history, she finds there’s nothing better than being able to combine her love of the past with a die-hard belief in happy endings.


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