The Wedding War by Liz Talley

The Wedding War by Liz Talley

Liz Talley returns to the blog with a story of friendships lost and found when a wedding enters the mix in

The Wedding War

Despite the cover and description, this is NOT a light, fluffy, fun story. It is wholly a mixed bag with good and bad moments, drama, missteps, miscommunication and mistakes. And those are exactly the reasons to read it. Because people learn and move forward while healing the hurts of the past, dealing with family loved and difficult, and unearthing secrets that held everyone captive as they waited for the next shoe to drop.

Melanie and Tennyson were inseparable as children, and hardly did one make a move without thinking of the other. In fact, until graduating high school and starting their own new lives separately, their bond was a palpable thing. Until the wedding between Kit and Melanie that tore Tennyson’s dreams of a life with Kit: after she made it as a famous actress of course. But people, particularly Kit, don’t wait, and Melanie was everything a good southern boy should want. Now, with their daughter soon to marry Tennyson’s son – and Tennyson’s return to town, Mel’s finding the combination, with a ‘too young’ daughter a bitter pill to swallow.

Tennyson’s life never quite worked out how she’d planned, but a marriage when she was already pregnant to a man who adored her son left her with plenty of money, taught her about the finer things in life, and allowed her a life of comfort – far from her earlier struggles. She’s bought a house in her childhood hometown on the seriously ‘upscale’ side of the tracks, planning that her son and daughter-in-law can live in the annex while he works and she goes to med school. Of course, a large part of her reasoning is to make a “thing” of the kids’ wedding, and perhaps get some of her own back by showing Mel just how far she’s come.

There are secrets uncovered, drama to unpack, and plenty to ‘make amends for’ on both sides. With the kids desperately trying to discover “what happened” it takes a while to unpack all of the ‘hurts’ and the ‘announcement’ that Tennyson made during Mel’s own wedding that tore Melanie’s family apart. With a mother who is more interested in appearances than reality, and Mel’s sister battling bulimia, the return of Tennyson combined with the wedding and Mel’s own marriage woes – there’s plenty to discover, learn and forgive on all sides of this story, bringing closure on long-festering situations, allowing people to move forward with new knowledge and a sense of friendships that were meant to be.

The Wedding War by Liz Talley

Title: The Wedding War
Author: Liz Talley
Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Friendship, Grief, Humor elements, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Small Town
Published by: Montlake Romance
ISBN: 154200974X
Published on: 21 April, 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 331
Audio Length: 10 Hours: 34 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Get Your Copy: Amazon Audible
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Save the date for this funny and poignant novel of family, friendship, letting go, and moving on by the award-winning author of Room to Breathe.
Once upon a time, Melanie Layton and Tennyson O’Rourke were inseparable—but their friends-4ever promises were shattered when an explosive secret was revealed at Mel’s wedding, a secret that destroyed her family. The two haven’t spoken for the past twenty some odd years, and they’d be happy if they never crossed paths again.
But now Mel’s daughter and Teeny’s son have fallen in love—and announced their engagement.
Which means the two women must tolerate one another and play nice long enough to plan their children’s dream wedding. From the beginning, they clash. Melanie imagines a classy, elegant event, in keeping with tradition. Teeny’s vision is a bit more extravagant, and thanks to her habit of marrying well, she’s got the cash to plan the flashiest wedding of the season.
Complicating matters are the men in their lives: Tennyson is falling for the wrong guy, and Melanie is trying to hold on to a flailing marriage. Amid the flurry of cake tastings, dress fittings, seating charts, and bridal showers, Mel and Teeny confront their past mistakes—with twenty years of pent-up drama.
When the day of the wedding finally arrives, their friendship might just be something old and something new.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Liz Talley

From the time she learned to read, Liz had a fascination with books. As a child she read Little Golden Books instead of napping. And, oh, the first time she read a romance – The Thornbirds – she was hooked. She ate up the SuperRomances on the shelves of her aunt’s used bookstore, borrowed her grandmother’s Boons and Mills Medical Romances (loved those nurses’ caps) and snuck her dad’s westerns so she could read the “romantic parts” (which lasted about a page). She inhales books, no doubt about it.

Of course, it never occurred to her to write a book until her college roommate said, “You read so many of those things, why don’t you write one?” The idea stuck and in 2010 her first book debuted. Now instead of reading romances, she’s writing them.

A finalist in both the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart contest and Rita awards, Liz is a member of NOLA Stars and often blogs on the 2009 Golden Heart blog – She loves strawberries, fishing, retail therapy and is a Virgo. Liz married her high school sweetheart and has two smart, beautiful boys. When not writing contemporary romances, she can be found working in the flowerbed or doing laundry.


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