A Wedding in Italy: From Italy with Love #2 by Tilly Tennant

A Wedding in Italy: From Italy with Love #2 by Tilly Tennant

I adored the first in the From Italy with Love series from Tilly Tennant, utterly perfect vacation / healing story for the heroine. With characters and places that were accessible, tactile and completely present, the light story was a wonderful read, Now back with the second in this series, a few more issues have come to Kate, now making her way as an ex-pat in Rome. Please read on for my review of

A Wedding in Italy

Kate did it. She decided that she wanted to up stakes and actually make a new life for herself in Italy: partly because she felt excited by the challenge and partly for the new love in her life: Alessandro. With a new love, how difficult could it be? Well, far diferent from her vacation moments, the allure of Italy and Rome haven’t dampened her love of her new life, but there are plenty of worries to contend with.

The book opens with a traditional wedding, Alessandro’s sister Lucetta is to be married, the wild-child of the Conti sisters, Lucetta and her sister Abelie have befriended Kate, treat her as a person and someone deserving of the love of their brother. Unfortunately, while Mama Conti likes Kate, there is a remove there, one that Kate is desperate to overcome to be accepted into the family. Making that even more difficult is his sister Maria, who, taking the side of her best friend Orazia, has decided that Kate must go, and Orazia is the one for Alessandro. It doesn’t help Kate’s security in her new relationship that Orazia and Alessandro work together on the police force, and that truly, the Contis are the only people she knows: her limited skills (although growing) in Italian, and her inability to find a job beyond the few dresses she makes or alters isn’t going to pay the bills.

Overall, this book takes us through Kate’s efforts to make a home for herself in Rome, where she can support herself and make a new life with new people and friends. It’s her second chance, and one she takes seriously: she doesn’t want to go back to England and get “stuck’ in her memories, the close proximity to her ex and his new life: her determination to make something new of her life, unlike anything she imagined actually possible is her goal. And with a series of moments, trials and every one of her friends wiling to speak up for her when she should, but doesn’t has Kate growing up quickly and learning to fight for what she wants.

I devoured this book in hours: waiting to see how Kate would manage the wicked sister Maria and her friend Orazia, how she would finally pin her landlord Salvatore to the wall for some desperately needed repairs on her apartment, and if she could finally make her mark with her dressmaking, or if the trial as an estate agent with Shauna would draw her in other directions. With appearances from her sisters, her new friend Jamie and his partner, and the solid family feel in the Conti household as she works to convince everyone that she is different from their Uncle Marco’s ex-wife Michelle, the story doesn’t lack for dramas and moments. But, it’s as wonderfully complex in terms of characters, interactions and carries the same sense of hope and growth as the first: less of the lightness overall as the first, but a truly wonderful story that will keep you engaged and cheering Kate forward as she grabs her dreams one by one.

Take a chance and drop into the Italy that Tilly Tennant presents: full of life, laughter, atmosphere and love. Just don’t expect that you won’t want to adopt the phrase Non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco (not all doughnuts come with holes) for it is true – life doesn’t bring what you expect, but you can enjoy (and learn to love) the new form!

A Wedding in Italy: From Italy with Love #2 by Tilly Tennant

Title: A Wedding in Italy
Author: Tilly Tennant
Series: From Italy with Love #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Setting: Italy
Published by: Bookouture
ISBN: 1786811677
Published on: 14 April, 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 330
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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Sun, spaghetti and sparkling prosecco. When it comes to looking for love, there’s no place like Rome – but once Kate’s found her man, can she keep him?

Kate is living the dream with her gorgeous boyfriend Alessandro in his native city, but the reality is sometimes a little less romantic than she’d hoped. Every day in her new home is a fight against leaking pipes, her cantankerous landlord and her less-than-perfect grasp of the Italian lingo.

All around her there is talk of weddings, but when a secret from her past is thrust out into the open, Kate must fight to prove to Alessandro’s Mamma – and the rest of his formidable family – that she truly is Italian marriage material.

With the women in Alessandro’s life on a mission to break them apart, the cracks begin to show and Kate starts to question if Alessandro really is the man of her dreams. Can love and the city of romance conquer all, or is that just a fairy-tale?

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A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Tilly Tennant

Tilly Tennant was born in Dorset, the oldest of four children, but now lives in Staffordshire with a family of her own. After years of dismal and disastrous jobs, including paper plate stacking, shop girl, newspaper promotions and waitressing (she never could carry a bowl of soup without spilling a bit), she decided to indulge her passion for the written word by embarking on a degree in English and creative writing, graduating in 2009 with first class honours. She wrote her first novel in 2007 during her first summer break at university and has not stopped writing since. She also works as a freelance fiction editor, and considers herself very lucky that this enables her to read many wonderful books before the rest of the world gets them.

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