Wanted: The Storymakers #2 by Betsy Schow

Wanted: The Storymakers #2 by Betsy Schow

Betsy Schow returns to the blog today with the second in The Storymakers series, a young adult fantasy series. Narrated by Arielle DeLisle, please read on for my review of


Best read shortly after Spelled, the first in the series, this book picks up right after and follows the story of Rexi Hood, Dorothea’s servant and eventual friend from the first. And I hoped for the promise shown in the first: the mash up of fairy tales, pop culture, and other solidly literary references that jumped out and instantly felt ‘familiar’ even in the new setting. But without a recap, some may be confused, and even with it, the lack of clear direction in the plot, with plenty of moments that jumped about without being connected in any substantial way to the events just before, this became a story that was far more difficult to follow.

Yes, there are some of the wonderful moments: characters have intriguing and unique views on the world around them, and those moments did shine even as the plot was all over the place and difficult to follow. And Rexi, held true to her rather plain-spoken and determined self we met in the first book, even as it seemed she couldn’t set her course to one step after another, and the arc that introduced Camelot, and Rexi’s desire to live up to her famous father’s legacy (Robin Hood) AND then write her own story just never did gel for me. I’m hoping that the missing pieces and ideas will come together to bring the conclusion and tie up the repeated and many loose ends in this one.

Narration for this story is provided by Arielle DeLisle and she does become Rexi with a voice that is appropriate to a teenaged, angsty, often angry and scattered girl. Each moment is as fully realized as the writing will allow, and new characters are clearly presented and distinct. A solid performance that did attempt to keep intrigue and interest in the many twists and skips throughout the story, even as readers may have lost the plot threads a few times.

Stars: Overall 3 Narration 4 Story 3

Wanted: The Storymakers #2 by Betsy Schow

Title: Wanted
Author: Betsy Schow
Series: The Storymakers #2
Also in this series: Banished
Genre: Fairy Tale Remix, Fantasy / Magical Realism, Young Adult
Narrator: Arielle DeLisle
Published by: Sourcebooks Fire, Tantor Audio
ISBN: 1492635995
Published on: 4 July, 2017
Source: Tantor Audio
Pages: 320
Audio Length: 7 Hours: 27 minutes
Rated: three-stars
Get Your Copy: Amazon Barnes&Noble iTunes Kobo IndieBound Book Depository GoogleAudibleTantor Audio
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In the sequel to Spelled, can Robin Hood's daughter, Rexi, stop the Wicked Witch from finding Excalibur?

Fairy-Tale Survival Rule No. 52: No matter how difficult the obstacles or all-powerful the evil villain, one can rest assured that the hero of the story never dies. The sidekicks though...they should be worried.

Rexi Hood is proud to be an outlaw. After all, she's the daughter of the infamous Robin Hood. But sidekick? Accomplice? Sorry, that wasn't in her story description. Yeah, she and Princess Dorthea of Emerald have been inseparable since they teamed up to fight the wickedest witch. But if Rexi doesn't figure out how to break the curse that binds them, forget being overshadowed by the spirited princess, Rexi's going to become a Forgotten, wiped from the pages of Story and reduced to a puddle of ink.

Not happening. No way in Spell.

Rexi's plan?

Steal the sword Excalibur and use its magic to write her own tale. But Gwenevere has opened a new Academy of Villains in Camelot and danger lurks behind every plot twist. And you know how it goes in Story: keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

A copy of this title was provided via Tantor Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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Betsy Schow is the author of the memoir Finished Being Fat, and has been featured on The Today Show and in The Wall Street Journal. She lives in Utah, but travels the country with Color Me Rad 5k, and partners with nonprofits to teach kids creative thinking and how to reach their goals.

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