A Walk in Wildflower Park: Wildflower Park Series by Bella Osborne

A Walk in Wildflower Park: Wildflower Park Series by Bella Osborne

A Walk in Wildflower Park: Wildflower Park Series by Bella Osborne @AvonBooksUK #ChickLit #BeachRead @osborne_bella https://wp.me/p3OmRo-asA

Bella Osborne comes to the blog today with a novel of friendship, family and taking chances again in

A Walk in Wildflower Park

Like many of Osborne’s stories that I’ve read, there are several different plots happening at once. Here we have Anna, purportedly the star of the show, with her best friend Sophie, Anna is newly arrived in the community that surrounds Wildflower Park, and as a resident, she has access to the grounds, flowers, peace and serenity. A serenity that is much needed as she’s reeling from the end of her last relationship, and has decided to dedicate herself to work: particularly appropriate as they are undergoing a reorganization and amalgamation and she’s the team head for her group’s functions. While things are stable for Anna, or mostly so, Sophie and her husband are going through a rough patch – she’s pregnant with their third child, her other two are loud, boisterous, messy and simply kids, while her husband tunes out with gaming on the telly and heading out to work with a “you’ve always managed this’ sort of attitude. With the upheavals at work and her general emotional state, she’s relying on her long term friendship with Anna more and more, and Anna is feeling very ‘put in the middle’.

But with a boss who tends to misquote and misapply her own version of “uplifting quotes’ and the concern about the work reorganization, Anna is faced with Hudson, an American from the other branch, brought on to do the job Anna was thinking she had. Instantly she’s feeling very put upon, and Hudson’s good looks and Sophie’s insta-crush on him don’t help. Soon Anna is feeling the struggle at work and with her own lonliness at home, a random wrong number text, her ex back in her life wanting another go, and nightmares from an accident at Uni and the compounded grief about her sister’s death many years ago, and Anna is pulled in several directions: including talking Sophie off the ledge when she questions everything about her life, what she thought it would be, and what she’s got.

Full of moments to laugh and empathize with, the story often delves into situations that feel very dire until they wrap up. With threatened stalker-like violent behavior from one of the three men vying for her attention, Anna’s refusal to step into her fears and deal with them, along with a serious chip on her shoulder about Hudson and the ease with which the teams have accepted him have her off kilter. But, add in one underpants-stealing giant rescue cat, the obvious and palpable friendships and emotions and a bit of happy ever after as Anna dives in and faces her fears, the story is easy to read and perfect for the beach.

A Walk in Wildflower Park: Wildflower Park Series by Bella Osborne

Title: A Walk in WIldflower Park
Author: Bella Osborne
Genre: British, Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Family Saga, Friendship, Humor elements, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Setting: Britain
Published by: Avon Books UK
ISBN: 0008258228
Published on: 27 June, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 416
Audio Length: 12 Hours: 12 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameHalf a Flame

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Life’s not always a walk in the park…

Anna thought she’d found The One – until he broke off their engagement exactly a year before their wedding day. Hoping new surroundings will do her the world of good, she moves in to a place of her own on the edge of gorgeous Wildflower Park.

With the help and friendship of her neighbour Sophie, Anna quickly settles in and pledges to focus on her career, but a handsome new colleague seems determined to thwart her attempts at every turn. And when she receives a text from a mystery man, it looks as though an unlikely romance is on the horizon…

Is Anna about to be swept off her feet by someone she really shouldn’t be falling for? Or could this be the new start she needs and deserves?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Bella Osborne

Bella Osborne has been jotting down stories as far back as she can remember. Somehow life took over, where she got a sensible job in project management and the writing has remained a passion.

Bella lives in The Midlands with her lovely husband and their wonderful daughter, who thankfully, both accept her as she is (with her mad morning hair and a penchant for skipping).


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