Virtue and Valor: Highland Heather, Romancing a Scot # 2 by Collette Cameron

Virtue and Valor: Highland Heather, Romancing a Scot # 2 by Collette Cameron

Welcome to my review of the newly released book two in the Highland Heathers, Romancing a Scot series by Collette Cameron.  Please be sure to check the tour stops, read the excerpt and don’t forget to enter the tour wide giveaway where you could be the winner of a $25 Gift card to eBook Retailer of choice from Collette Cameron.

Virtue and Valor

The first I have read from this author, the story is fast paced and engaging, and doesn’t require the reader’s knowledge of the earlier title.  Cameron has an easy hand in character development: I could picture every character I encountered, and I wanted to know more.

Isobel is a wonderful heroine: forthright, determined, intelligent and more than slightly daring. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and scoffs at the notion that women are the ‘weaker sex’. A complete anomaly in her family and completely different from other Highland women, she’ not interested in marriage because her heart is wounded.  Wounded by her brother’s best friend that she believed herself in love with, and now information has shown him to be a total cad.  Discouraged and utterly disinterested, her life only becomes more difficult when that same man arrives to give her orders.

Yancy is known to the family, although he’s been working for Prinny as War Secretary. He’s not interested in the bevvy of women who are available as a close advisor, and has only ever thought one woman suitable: Isobel. When the opportunity arises to travel to Scotland to settle clan disputes, he is determined to make an impression.

These two are adorable together: Isobel so worldly in her desires but naïve in her outlook is convinced that Yancy is utterly changed and ruined by London.  Her bratty behavior only added to Yancy’s confusion: he doesn’t recognize the open and friendly girl he once knew. Of course, he’s used to being obeyed, and her refusal frustrates and confuses him, while putting her in danger.

Emotions, reactions and clever dialogue all detail this story: building tension and enjoyment with every paragraph.  Isobel is so wanting Yancy to be the man of her dreams, but she soon comes to realize that he is a man, and is willing to make her every dream a reality. I thoroughly enjoyed this story: perfect for fans of historic romances that are character driven with plenty of action and only a touch of steam.

Virtue and Valor: Highland Heather, Romancing a Scot # 2 by Collette Cameron

Title: Virtue and Valor
Author: Collette Cameron
Series: ,
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
ISBN: 1619359839
Published on: 24 June, 2015
Source: Author via Tour Company
Pages: 254
Rated: four-stars
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Bartholomew Yancy never expected to inherit an English earldom and had no intention of marrying. Now, the Earl of Ramsbury and last in his line, he’s obligated to resign his position as England’s War Secretary, find a wife, and produce an heir. Only one woman holds the least appeal: Isobel Ferguson, an exquisite Scotswoman. Brought to Scotland to mediate between feuding clans, he doggedly woos her.

Disillusioned with men pursuing her for her attractiveness, rather than her unusual intellect, Isobel has all but abandoned any hope of finding a husband in the Highlands. Not only does she believe Yancy no different than her other suitors, he’s a notorious rake. She’s been told he’s practically betrothed. Therefore, his interest in her cannot possibly be honorable, and so she shuns his attentions.

When Isobel is mistakenly abducted by a band of rogue Scots, Yancy risks his life to rescues her. To salvage her compromised reputation, her brother and father insist she marry him. Yancy readily agrees, but Isobel—knowing full well she’s fated for spinsterhood by refusing his offer— won’t be coerced into marriage.

Can love unite a reluctant earl and a disenchanted beauty?


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A copy of this title was provided via Author via Tour Company for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Tasty Excerpt


Isobel whipped around and wound up planting her face squarely in a very masculine chest.


She leaped backward reflexively. Her heel caught on the cloak’s hem, and she tilted at a precarious angle.

Simply fabulous.

Her possessions dropped to the floor as she flailed her arms.

Lord Ramsbury surged forward, grasping her shoulders as her feet left the ground.

Eyes locked on his, she seized his coat lapels, frantically trying to stay upright.

His eyes widened when he teetered toward her.

Too late.

Lord Ramsbury’s solid form toppled onto her and mashed her into the rough wood. Eyes closed, she didn’t move, waiting for sharp pain to stab her.

She tentatively moved her fingers and toes.

No pain.

Nothing broken then.

She tried to pull in a breath, but his weight bore down upon her chest.

Gads, how much did his lordship weigh?

She opened her eyes. Silky, whisky-colored hair tickled her nose.

His clean virile scent, with a hint of sandalwood, floated upward. He smelled wonderful, and she had the oddest urge to nuzzle her nose in his hair.

She sniffed instead.

Mmm, heavenly.

Did he twitch the merest bit?

Lord Ramsbury’s chest squashed her breasts nearly flat, and his lean hips nestled between her thighs. For certain her backside and shoulders would sport a bruise or two.

Lifting her head, she winced. She wriggled her fingers, attempting to poke him. Why didn’t he get off? A gentleman would, but he had already proved he didn’t deserve that title.

She squirmed a bit then stilled instantly when a peculiar hardness pulsed against her womanhood.

What in the world?

Had his pocket watch fallen from his waistcoat and wedged between them? Isobel jostled harder, trying to dislodge him and his timepiece.

“Don’t.” He ended on a strangled groan.

He was injured.

But how could he possibly be? Splaying her fingers, she cupped his firm ribs, shoving with all her strength.

“Don’t. Move.” His warm breath caressed her neck.

Booted feet jarred the floor beneath her.

Jocky gasped. “Miss Isobel, my lord, are ye—”

“Yancy, I want to sho—” Ewan gaped at them.

Isobel tried to peek over the earl’s shoulder, which now vibrated suspiciously. She jabbed harder with her fingers.

He quaked more.

Was he ticklish? Turning her hands into half-claws, she scratched at his sides unmercifully.

A rich-timbred chuckle whispered against her skin.

“Get. Off. Me.” She clenched her teeth as his dratted watch poked her again.

All at once, she froze. She knew exactly what prodded her nether regions. She had been raised around animals, for pity’s sake. How could she have been so stupid to think his watch had slipped free?

No, his thing  twitched against her.

“I do hope you have a damned good reason to be sprawled atop my sister, Yancy.”





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