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As you know – we have been experiencing a series of setbacks in our world of late – and are entering the 8th month of homlessness. For the blog – it means that I have been woefully slow at updating and adding reviews – although that will all resolve itself beginning on Monday – then posts will come more regularly and I thank you for your patience.

Happy Thanksgiving!

CB Thanksgiving

We do have an invite for dinner from some wonderful people who, like us, are without a permanent home. It’s been a real eye-opener for me to see that those who have the ‘least’ in terms of resources and luxuries in their own lives are most often the ones to share, offer and help. It’s not that others don’t – it’s just everyone is busy with that “it won’t happen to me” thoughts – rather than ‘for the grace of the gods go I’. I’ve always thought with the latter prevalent, and now being in this situation, I’m thankful that I’m not aware of dehumanizing someone out on the streets.

You never do know (until you live it) the stories that bring people into desperate situations – and while being helpful and suggesting ideas and options is all meant with the best intentions – dealing with the situations that pop up means that options have been explored, often repeatedly – and sadly, in our case, with few results.

And then, out of the ethernet comes people who connect you to others – or people you’ve ‘known’ of in that internet way who totally rock your world in the best ways possible. And I have to be thankful for that – and the lessons that I’ve learned (not all wonderful) during this journey the past nearly eight months……

If you are tucked up warm and cozy, or with friends and family – or have the option to do just what you want – be thankful. And please spare a thought, good wishes, prayers if that’s your thing, for those who aren’t as fortunate. Be kind. Above all else – always be kind. You’ll never know anyone’s story or choices, or the circumstances that caused a situation, or if choices were eliminated from their control.

If you can spare it – we could always use the help. The PayPal is glhince@gmail.com. You can send to Anthony directly at www.paypal.me/alj215 or facebook payments work through messenger. Everything helps.

Thank you


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