Twice Magic: The Wizards of Once #2 by Cressida Cowell

Twice Magic: The Wizards of Once #2 by Cressida Cowell

Cressida Cowell comes to the blog today with the second in The Wizards of Once series, again this is narrated by David Tennant.

Twice Magic

We’re returning to the world of Xar, Wish and Bodkin and their three separate reasons and hopes for the future. Jumping right into the middle of a spot of bother for (you guessed it) Xar, who hasn’t learned as much from his mistakes in the first book, and tries again to cheat his way through for a shortcut – leading him straight into another even bigger mess. Yep – say it with me…. Boys. But, there are spots of growth for him, even as he’s still struggling with his choices and mistakes from book one, he’s finding his feet and starting to learn to rely on himself, not trickery, to move forward. Of course, he’s still a work in progress – and this does lead to many moments that flare up between he and Wish, but they are navigating their friendship and perhaps helping the other to see their side as they move on. Wish doesn’t appear for quite a while as she’s been relegated to a closet at home as her mother wants her ‘contained’ and to not embarrass her. Of course, the events of the past book did uncover some of her mother’s own hypocrisy, but poor Wish wants only to be loved and find her mother’s approval. It makes almost everything Wish does laden with meaning and determination – she will be seen as viable and valuable by her mother. Someday.

Most surprising in this story after dealing with the sadness that surrounds Wish in all of her dealings at home, and the lack of regard that the people of Sychorax see her with, including her own family, was Bodkin. From being a reluctant participant doing his ‘duty’ in being the protector for Wish, here he’s finding his own feet and starting to feel very ordinary and lonely when he and Wish head off. When it’s just the two of them, with the spoon, he’s got a friend in Wish, and doesn’t feel so ‘third-wheelie’, and his own thoughts about being ‘something else’ are intriguing, particularly when he will do all he can to protect Wish and, while he does still complain and try to stop her forward movement, he won’t be left behind. He’s grown the most, and there are sure signs pointing to even more growth for all three before the series ends.

Narration is again provided by David Tennant, and he could read you the telephone directory and you’d be engaged. With text and action that flows from Cowell’s pen, and his natural ability to tell a story with voices, accents and pauses that clearly allow moments and minor lessons to sink in, this is a treat for your ears. Vibrant and varied without descending into cheesey, over-acting or condescending, these are perfect listens for those holiday road trips when hours of “are we there yet?” become the monotone drone that rivals the tarmac noise.

Stars: Overall 5 Narration 5 Story 5

Twice Magic: The Wizards of Once #2 by Cressida Cowell

Title: Twice Magic
Author: Cressida Cowell
Series: The Wizards of Once #2
Also in this series: The Wizards of Once
Genre: Action / Adventure, British, Fantasy / Magical Elements, Historic Elements, Magic, Middle Grade Fantasy
Narrator: David Tennant
Published by: Hachette Audio, Little Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9781478999461
Published on: 29 November, 2018
Source: Hachette Audio
Pages: 384
Audio Length: 5 Hours: 36 minutes
Rated: five-stars
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This was once the story of a young boy Wizard and a young girl Warrior who had been taught since birth to hate each other like poison.

But now, the boy Wizard and girl Warrior have been brought together in the Badwoods and they have witnessed the shocking consequences of the Stone That Takes Away Magic. They will need to cast aside their differences once more--for an Evil Spell has broken free.

It's up to Xar and Wish to find the ingredients. But it means entering dangerous territory unannounced...

Cressida Cowell brings her trademark wit to this spellbinding sequel, along with the stunning artwork and heartfelt adventure that has made her beloved around the world, weaving a story that is sure to transport readers to a world that will enchant and bewitch them.

A copy of this title was provided via Hachette Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Cressida Cowell

Cressida Cowell grew up in London and on a small, uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. She was convinced that there were dragons living on this island, and has been fascinated by dragons ever since.

She has a BA in English Literature from Oxford University, a BA in Graphic Design from St Martin's and an MA in Narrative Illustration from Brighton.

Cressida loves illustrating her own work, but also loves writing books for other people to illustrate as the end result can be so unexpected and inspiring. Cressida has written and illustrated eight books in the popular Hiccup series. The unique blend of child centred humour and sublime prose made Hiccup an instant hit.

How to Train Your Dragon is now published in over 30 languages. A DreamWorks Animation feature film is out in March 2010. Also the author of picture books, Cressida has won the Nestle Children's Book Prize 2006 and has been shortlisted for many others.

Cressida lives in Hammersmith with her husband and three children.


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