Truth: Blog All About It in November

Truth: Blog All About It in November

Another prompt in the Blog All About It challenge from Anna at Herding Cats


Truth is the aim of belief; falsity is a fault. People need the truth about the world in order to thrive. Truth is important. Believing what is not true is apt to spoil a person’s plans and may even cost him his life. Telling what is not true may result in legal and social penalties. Conversely, a dedicated pursuit of truth characterizes the good scientist, the good historian, and the good detective.

Truth (noun) /tro͞oTH/
The quality or state of being true.
‘he had to accept the truth of her accusation’
1. That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
‘tell me the truth’
‘she found out the truth about him’
2. A fact or belief that is accepted as true.
‘the emergence of scientific truths’
‘the fundamental truths about mankind’

These are fundamental and beyond argument – they are defining and defined with certain facts that uphold their being. There is no mention of “alternate facts” since those are lies. And the truth of the matter as I write this is that truth and the search for it has become an anathema to the American voters.

The current person occupying the white house has a very flexible relationship with truth – ALL truth, not just that which claims words falling from his lips (or thumbs) are more often than not self-aggrandizing lies – not based in truth, not part of a true belief system or supported by any facts, realities or history.
It is a few weeks before the midterms and the truth of things are bleak. America is no longer a leader in the global ‘thought process’ of many, the clown acting as spokesman has removed the few bright lights left for this country. Sure, it’s truth that a single man cannot destroy what was good for this country, but a thoughtless, racist, selfish and dishonest one can make it very difficult for cornerstone ideas and concepts to keep shining despite his acts.

The founding fathers got plenty wrong when they decided to start the country – the amendments that disallowed slavery, allowed women to vote and removed discriminatory practices (the 3/5ths argument) were wrong. But – the freedoms to worship AS YOU PLEASE in whatever means you please, Not building this country as a solely Christian nation, the conscious decisions to understand a country of immigrants is both necessary and good for the continued growth, reparations (however meager) to the Native tribes whose lands were stolen, and even the ‘opportunities’ afforded those who need leave their homes in search of safety, security and opportunity was important.

Now – we have a claimant to Christian values who speaks hate first. I was always of the belief that a true Christian did two things…. Loved thy neighbor as thyself and Judged Not. Sure – people are different – but I bet not even two family members are exactly alike in experiences, outlooks, friendships or beliefs – just as I know that no two strangers that encounter one another are similar in everything. But this fear that fuels the hate – the fear of the unknown or different, the fear that because Joe gets coffee Brad gets none is bullshit and has turned a country that I once thought had a core of goodness and hope into a pit of ‘mineminemine’ that is afraid of truth, afraid of intelligence and afraid of dissenting opinions . Honestly, I think that fear is rooted in ignorance, lack of exposure or awareness of more than what you ‘know’, and a willful and selfish desire to believe that because your complexion isn’t in the Crayola box (not really – have you ever watched a child try to draw a Caucasian face?) you are somehow entitled to your prejudice, your ignorance and above-all – your unearned belief that you are somehow superior and above it all. That wearing a maga hat and claiming your ‘whiteness’ is a ticket to the gold toilet on which the ass resides as it takes to twitter to announce foreign policy and claim its greatness.

Be aware – the emperor has no clothes. That is the truth. And I’ll add my personal fact here – I’ve always believed that the ‘american tourist’ often got a bad rap – for the loudness, the lack of awareness of history, language or dress – or even the constant comparing of places that ‘aren’t like home’. It was true for many, not all. Unfortunately, this administration and the last two years of decline into a pseudo-fascism, wanna be dictatorship that is being swallowed whole, without actual investigation of truth or foreshadowing of the ‘where this could lead, prove that the impressions weren’t wrong – and the displays of ignorance, willful and often aggressively false will bring us into places that none of the forefathers envisioned or would welcome. I hope I’m wrong – but evidence (facts and truths) show me that I’m only imagining a worst case that is within reach – and that people, by their vote, have proven my arms aren’t long enough.

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