The Tourist Attraction: Moose Springs, Alaska #1 by Sarah Morgenthaler

The Tourist Attraction: Moose Springs, Alaska #1 by Sarah Morgenthaler

Sarah Morgenthaler comes to the blog with the first in a series of stories from Moose Springs, Alaska with

The Tourist Attraction

JUST what was needed in this time of stress and upheavals: an adorable café owner who hates the tourists that pay his bills, a tourist who’s spent the past years saving for her vacation of a lifetime, cute animals – from a lovestruck moose to an adorable and always playful dog and plenty of sparks from miscommunications and attractions that were just meant to be. Having saved for years to take this vacation of a lifetime, Zoe is accompanying her wealthy friend Lana to Moose Springs, in Alaska – the place she’s always wanted to see. Lana is a ‘regular’ visitor, but Zoe’s trip is full of firsts, and her ‘rite of passage’ includes meeting the town grinch, Graham.

Graham claims to hate tourists – but they LOVE him: his food, his gruff demeanor and his little shop, The Tourist Trap. A bit cynical, Graham is that sort of person who wants to hate everyone not FROM there, but he likes Lana (a tourist) and he’s intrigued by her friend Zoe. Forget intrigued, he’s drawn to her, and worries about her safety constantly. But Zoe, determined to break out of her shell and be the person she always wanted to be isn’t looking for someone to ‘watch out for her’. That was then. This is now. She’s determined to be outspoken, daring and grab every bit of enjoyment out of this trip- the only thing on her bucket list.

From a well-placed kick to a series of outings, these two can’t seem to stay away from one another. Their banter is clever, the people we meet (and the ridiculous situations they get into, the danger (and draw) of moose, and one that can’t seem to ‘stay away’ all have put Graham’s protective genes into high gear – well, with Zoe. These two are both the most adorable and the most confused by their obvious chemistry, but everything works. We see the events unfold, meet characters and get their ‘take’ on everything from each of their perspectives, as both Graham and Zoe share their point of view, both in their own voice and through their interactions. Laugh out loud, great descriptions, clever character building and plenty of ‘side trips’ to see the area, the people and their interactions. I adored this story – always engaging, clever and Zoe and Graham had plenty to keep them amused- together and apart.




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