‘Tis the Season: The Harrisons #3 by Jennifer Gracen

'Tis the Season: The Harrisons #3 by Jennifer Gracen

Three brothers and one sister comprise The Harrison family, whose stories are unfolding as Jennifer Gracen brings us the eldest brother, Charles’ story.  Please read on for my review of

Tis the Season

Throughout the series, Charles Harrison has always been the quieter, more restrained and constrained brother, with an overlay of sadness.  A nasty divorce has been in the offing, and while these siblings are super supportive and wonderful friends, he’s always been the one who best conformed to the family ideals.  Not that those were anything to write home about.

Now single with his three kids, he’s completely obsessed with the family reputation and ashamed of the scandal his divorce has wrought on the family name. So, even though Lisette is available, sympathetic and the children love her, the last thing he wants to do is court more scandal.

Lisette is wonderful: solid and consistent with the children, helpful and everything that one could hope for. Beyond reproach, her interactions with Charles are professional, but laced with the emotion and caring she feels for him and the children. Her only problem is her love for Charles, and something she will do everything to keep her own little secret.

With his own dysfunctional (OMG SO BAD) relationship with his father, Charles is determined to have more connection to his children, while still behaving himself. So, a completely uncharacteristic move after his birthday has him reeling.  But, there’s so much more here. Lisette is his equal (and possibly his better in terms of emotional balance) than Charles, but she’s no foolish miss falling for the rich man. She’s fallen for the man himself, and while her choices aren’t always the best, she does carry on and move forward despite the missteps….showing her personality and heart.

Together these two are adorable, and while Charles may feel that his father would raise a fuss over his budding relationship with Lisette, his brothers and sister ONLY want to see him happy, and know that Lisette, despite her introduction to the family as an employee, is the best person to help Charles find the balance and happiness he so desires.

‘Tis the Season: The Harrisons #3 by Jennifer Gracen

Title: 'Tis the Season
Author: Jennifer Gracen
Series: The Harrisons #3
Also in this series: More Than You Know (The Harrisons, #1), Someone Like You
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Holiday Themed
Published by: Zebra Shout
ISBN: 1420139185
Published on: 27 September, 2016
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 352
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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As the eldest son of the illustrious Harrison clan, Charles Harrison the III has always done the right thing. With his family’s legacy to uphold, he can’t afford a scandal, even if temptation is living right under his roof. His well-publicized divorce was a disgrace, so Charles is sure an affair with his bewitching nanny would bring his family even more infamy. And yet, he can’t resist the alluring Lisette . . .  

With her usually reserved boss sending her heated looks, Lisette Gardner is in a bind. The nurturing nanny has always loved the eldest Harrison from a distance. But coming from a vastly different world, with a painful past that still haunts her, Lisette is determined to resist Charles’s advances. Because Lisette can accept nothing less than forever with Charles . . . and forever might be too much to hope for with the reigning prince of the Harrison clan.

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About Jennifer Gracen

Jennifer Gracen hails from Long Island, New York, where she lives with her two young sons. After spending her youth writing in private and singing in public, she now only sings in her car and has fully embraced her lifelong passion for writing. She loves to write contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction for readers who yearn for better days, authentic characters, and satisfying endings. When she isn’t taking care of her kids, doing freelance copy editing/proofreading, reading, or talking to friends on Twitter and Facebook, Jennifer writes. She’s shocked her family hasn’t yet staged an intervention for her addiction to social media. But the concerts she gives in her car and the dance parties she has in her kitchen are rumored to be fabulous.