Timeless: Parasol Protectorate #5 by Gail Carriger

Timeless: Parasol Protectorate #5 by Gail Carriger

Gail Carriger and the fifth in the Parasol Protectorate series is on the blog today, this light and fun series is narrated to perfection by Emily Gray.


Things to realize when considering this series: it’s fluffy and fun with plenty of the Carriger ‘hallmarks’ with witty dialogue, sarcasm and generous description. Alexia is a wonderfully complex character with a touch of ‘private school headmistress’ that contrasts nicely with the multiple scrapes she encounters near regularly. There is a wholly-alpha, mostly unrepentant male, plenty of other unusual and unique supernaturals along with the normal vamps and weres, all of them add depth and enough controversy and angst to keep things moving. Lastly – you want this series in audio – forego the written word as Emily Gray adds that little something with her voices and performance that isn’t to be missed.

In Timeless, Alexia and Macon now have two-year old Prudence, their daughter, and her typical 2-year old self with an inability (or is it) to control her flip to supernatural without warning. Far from reveling in the more ‘settled’ life in London, things just went left with a summons from the Vampire Queen of the Alexandria hive of vampires. So much for a bit more ‘downtime’. This book is far more a ‘character driven’ installment, so while there is plenty going on, more time is spent not answering questions while time to enjoy the interactions take center stage. Unfortunately, there were so many loose ends where answers MUST be given, and only partial answers arrived, if at all. Sure it was entertaining, yet too many new questions and challenges arrived and just required more ‘go with it’ than I wanted at this point. From the werewolf integration to Ivy’s sudden rise to fame for her acting {in a horrible disaster to boot} this was most definitely not a wrap-up to the series installment, at least not in the standard sense in my experience.

Narration is provided by Emily Gray, and I have to say that it was her work: the voices, emoting and clever use of pauses to emphasize certain moments that actually kept me involved and engaged, particularly when the plot seemed to be circular, and answers to questions were not available. Gray has narrated all five of the series, and her work and the continuity in characterization that made each character feel complete, even when their inclusion wasn’t necessarily evident when introduced. From the poncy and often over the top Akeldama to the rather ‘Holmes-like” proclamations from Lyall, the gruff and growly Macon and even the oddly prim and proper Alexia, Gray’s tone, delivery and pacing were spot-on, and the story proceeded smoothly, with plenty of moments to recognize Carriger’s skillful dialogue and snark, even as the plot stalled often. Moving up my list of narrators to grab all titles, regardless of genre, Gray has become a favorite.

Stars: Overall 4 Narration: 5 Story: 3

Timeless: Parasol Protectorate #5 by Gail Carriger

Title: Timeless
Author: Gail Carriger
Series: Parasol Protectorate #5
Also in this series: Soulless, Changeless , Blameless, Heartless
Genre: British, Historic Elements, Paranormal, Science Fiction / Steampunk, Victorian
Narrator: Emily Gray
Published by: Hachette Audio, Orbit
ISBN: 0316402729
Published on: 1 July, 2014
Source: Hachette Audio
Pages: 464
Audio Length: 11 Hours: 29 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon, has settled into domestic bliss. Of course, being Alexia, such bliss involves integrating werewolves into London High society, living in a vampire's second best closet, and coping with a precocious toddler who is prone to turning supernatural willy-nilly. Even Ivy Tunstell's acting troupe's latest play, disastrous to say the least, cannot put a dampener on Alexia's enjoyment of her new London lifestyle.

Until, that is, she receives a summons from Alexandria that cannot be ignored. With husband, child and Tunstells in tow, Alexia boards a steamer to cross the Mediterranean. But Egypt may hold more mysteries than even the indomitable Lady Maccon can handle. What does the vampire Queen of the Alexandria Hive really want from her? Why is the God-Breaker Plague suddenly expanding? And how has Ivy Tunstell suddenly become the most popular actress in all the British Empire?

A copy of this title was provided via Hachette Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Gail Carriger

New York Times Bestseller Gail Carriger writes comedies of manners mixed with paranormal romance (and the sexy San Andreas Shifter series as G.L. Carriger). Her books include the Parasol Protectorate, Custard Protocol, and Supernatural Society series for adults, and the Finishing School series for young adults. She is published in many languages and has over a dozen New York Times bestsellers. She was once an archaeologist and is fond of shoes, octopuses, and tea


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