Riversong: The River Valley Collection # 1 by Tess Thompson Review and Giveaway

Riversong: The River Valley Collection # 1 by Tess Thompson Review and Giveaway

Today I have the first of a series by author Tess Thompson: Riversong. This whole series is on tour, so be sure to check the other tour stops to find out about the other books in the series and see what others had to say.  Additionally,  there is a tour-wide giveaway where one lucky winner can win a $10 Amazon or Barnes&Noble gift card and a digital copy of Caramel and Magnolias  another book penned by Ms. Thompson.

Book Review: 

I have had this title on my kindle for a while, in fact I purchased it over a year ago, and just never got that far down my pile of ‘my own reads’. But, when the opportunity to read this book for a tour appeared, I was still intrigued.

From the title I purchased, to the one I was given for review, many of the grammatical and punctuation errors were addressed: far better than some complaints I have seen, while still not a completely clean copy. Fortunately, the glaring issues were mostly few and far between, and did not overly distract from the story.

After the suicide of her husband, Lee is reeling: finding out that he had significant gambling debts and the less than savory loan shark is demanding payment, she flees.  Heading to her mother’s home in a small town –she expects she will be safe until she can decide what else to do.  As if that wasn’t enough stress, she has discovered she is pregnant.  After a tough childhood, her issues are many, but I will commend Tess Thompson for giving her character a backbone and determination to make a new and better life for her child than she experienced.

This is, after all the start of a romance, Tommy is a neighbor who helps her settle in town, start her restaurant and often has more patience than Lee should have expected.  They start cautiously and tentatively, become friends and start to see the potential in their relationship: despite Lee’s secrets and issues.

Overall, this was a sentimental romance that veered between sharp and pointed insight into relationship dynamics then wander into pleasant, if not compelling prose.  There were occasions where the story arc tried to incorporate ideas that just went nowhere, or provided conflicting accounts of time of day, purpose or even need.  While the loan shark story seemed to peter into a not so convincing end: leaving out the debt and dealing with the suicide as a child of an absent and alcoholic mother would, from what is displayed here, would have displayed Thompson’s skills for depicting relationships far better than the addition of the debt.

A decent first novel, although I would hope with the further stories that beta readers and editors will be prevalent and ruthless, Tess Thompson has several ideas working at once, often to the detriment of a cohesive story that provides a solid beginning, middle and end. But, it was not a struggle to finish this story, even as the ending was not a surprise, it was good to see Lee find some happiness after the woe heaped upon her.  I could see the influence of her playwriting background in the descriptions and development of the background for the story, but without careful thinning that does become a bit of informational overload.


Riversong: The River Valley Collection # 1 by Tess Thompson Review and Giveaway

Title: Riversong
Author: Tess Thompson
Genre: Contemporary Sweet Romance -Adult, Literary Fiction /Family Saga
Published by: BookTrope
Source: Author, Self-Purchased
Pages: 278
Rated: three-stars
Get Your Copy: Amazon iTunes Downpour IndieBound

When Lee Tucker's husband commits suicide, he leaves her pregnant and one million dollars in debt to a loan shark. Out of options, she escapes to her deceased mother's dilapidated house located in a small Oregon town that, like her, is financially ruined, heartbroken and in desperate need of a fresh start. Lee's resilience leads to a plan for a destination restaurant named Riversong, to new chances for passion and love, and to danger from her dead husband's debt as her business blooms.

A surprising mix of romance, humor, friendship, intrigue and gourmet food - Riversong entertains while reminding you of life's greatest gifts.


A copy of this title was provided via Author, Self-Purchased for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


Giveaway:  Tour Wide Giveaway for a $10 Amazon or Barnes&Noble gift certificate AND an eBook copy of Caramel and Magnolias by Tess Thompson.

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About Tess Thompson

Tess Thompson is a novelist and playwright with a BFA in Drama from the University of Southern California. In 2011, she released her first novel, Riversong, which subsequently became a bestseller.

Like the characters in the River Valley collection, Tess is from a small town in Oregon. She currently lives in a suburb of Seattle, Washington with her two young daughters, Emerson and Ella. She is inspired daily by the view of the Cascade Mountains from her home office window.

Tess is working on her next novel and regularly blogs about her journey as a mother, author and friend at Tess Writes.


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