Thane’s Redemption: The Song # 1 by Nina Crespo with Excerpt and GIveaway

Welcome to my stop for this new Rock-Star romance with a twist! Thane’s Redemption from Nina Crespo is the first in The Song series.  Please be sure to read the excerpt, check out the other tour stops, and don’t forget to enter the tour-wide giveaway where you could win a $25.00 Amazon eGift Card.

Thane’s Redemption

Far more than is reasonable is packed into this novella, the first in a new series from Nina Crespo. Thane’s Redemption is a story about Thane, a time-traveling rock-star, former ranger given a chance at life to save the world from threats.   As a rock star, Thane hasn’t lost his memories of life as a ranger, nor forgotten those who were lost.

Celine runs a boutique, but has been struggling with the loss of her fiancé, an army medic killed in Afghanistan.  Her friends are worried about her isolation and depression, so they drag her out to see a new rock show in town.

Not ready to face people, even though it’s been a while, Celine needs to leave the room to collect herself and runs right into Thane.  For some reason, his manner and being feel familiar and calming to her, and she begins to rely on his presence in her life.

And from here the twists start: every time Thane jumps forward to save the world, she will lose all memory of him: the why’s of this are never clear.  Unfortunately too many of the whys were left unanswered in this story: too many unexplained inclusions and issues, not to mention a cliffhanger that leaves us wondering if there is a possibility yet undiscovered for Thane and Celia to have a relationship.

While I loved the concepts, there was easily another 100 pages of story to explain, outline and answer all of the questions that arise that don’t appear, and as the first in the series I am most certainly looking forward to the next, but I only hope that answers will fill in all of the holes that were unresolved.

Thane’s Redemption: The Song # 1 by Nina Crespo with Excerpt and GIveaway

Title: Thane's Redemption
Author: Nina Crespo
Series: The Song #1
Published by: Lyrical Press
Published on: 3 March, 2015
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 87
Rated: three-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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The one night she'll want to remember, she'll be forced to forget.

It's been almost a year since Celine's fiancé's death and she's still struggling to move on. But when she meets Thane, the super hot lead singer of Thane’s Redemption, she finds her desire reawakening, and her heart opening. Soon one kiss leads them straight into a night of heated passion…

Thane’s unexpected connection with Celine only leaves him wanting more of her—but his life makes it impossible. For Thane's Redemption is just a cover for a deeper secret: A former Army Ranger presumed dead, Thane is really a time-traveling, covert operative charged with saving the world from disaster. Each jump through time forces those around him to forget he ever existed—and Celine would be no exception. But can time work in their favor to give them a second chance at love? Or will a choice Thane makes in the future put Celine in mortal danger?

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A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Tasty Excerpt

“Let’s go.”

Flutters swirled in her stomach as she hurried down the main corridor with him. No way

was she escaping now.


He drew her close, and a weightless feeling, as if she sped down the hill of a giant roller

coaster, rushed through her. Surprised, she stumbled into his chest.


“You’re all right. I’ve got you.” He kissed her temple.


She caught her breath as the light golden haze clouding her vision cleared. Moving out of

his embrace, she stared at the main floor of the lounge. Either she’d lost her tolerance for the good stuff, or the bartenders were generous with the rum. How had they gotten there so fast?


Why didn’t she remember walking past those women in the hallway?


He squeezed her hand. “The song’s about to end. Come on.”


Channeling Lauren, she held her head high and kept her eyes trained on his back. As they

moved closer to the stage, the keyboardist signaled the band. The tempo picked up. Sound vibrated over her skin, and her heartbeat matched the timing of the music.


Lauren spotted them and nudged Ari. The dark haired woman did a double take and her

mouth fell open.


After what felt like the longest walk of her life, they reached the table. Celine sat down,

and Thane stole a kiss.


As he moved away, he gave her a wink and panty-dropping smile. “Enjoy the show.”


Thankfully, somebody had ordered her another mangotini. Celine sipped and

acknowledged Lauren and Ari’s questioning looks with a shrug. Good thing the loud music kept

them from asking questions. She couldn’t explain what had happened if she tried.


Thane jumped on stage and grabbed a microphone. He blended into a song driven by the

keyboards and a fierce drumbeat. By the end of the song, worries about what their encounter did

or didn’t mean slipped into the music. The eye candy on stage and the raw, lyrical power of his

voice pulled her into the moment. Letting go of her inhibitions, she cheered and chair danced with her friends to the rock and blues-inspired tracks.


An hour into the set, he conferred with the band, and the bassist handed him an acoustic

guitar. He put a stool center stage behind one of the microphones and sat down. “What I’m going

to perform now is a song I wrote a few months ago. No one’s heard it yet, but because you’re such a special audience, I’d like to play it for you.” His gaze found hers. “I hope you like it.”


He strummed the first chords, and the flamenco, rumba-styled rhythm brought up images

of slow breezes and sultry nights. His voice flowed smoothly into the melody, and her heart



Stay with me…lay your troubles down…let me set you free…


His singing inspired an erotic fantasy of her legs intertwined with his. Of gliding her hands

over the hard ripples and valleys of muscle she’d felt holding onto him. Of her kissing him, and

Thane devouring those kisses right back. The invisible touch of his words whispered over her skin. Every pulse beat, including the one between her thighs, magnified. She shifted in her seat, trying to quiet the steady throb as liquid heat spread low in her middle.


Ari playfully shoved her arm.


With a backdrop of thundering applause, she met Thane’s gaze. His desire matched her

own. The band started to play another song, and he looked away. She exhaled a shaky breath and

downed the rest of her drink.


A server stopped by their table and placed an envelope next to her arm. “Lucky girl, these

are for you.”




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