The Tale of Chirpy Cricket: a Tuck Me In Tale by Arthur Scott Bailey

The Tale of Chirpy Cricket: a Tuck Me In Tale by Arthur Scott Bailey

Taking a new view on classic children’s stories is the perfect option for those ‘wind-down times before bed or nap times, or even just for some quiet family time.  Arthur Scott Bailey was a prolific writer of children’s stories that were based on wildlife and farm animals, incorporating a touch of science and a huge dollop of imagination into a story that entertains and enchants.

The Tale of Chirpy Cricket

In The Tale of Chirpy Cricket , Chirpy is the ‘most musical’ of all the insects at the farm, even as his song doesn’t change.  Through his unique perspective, cricket ‘fiddling’ and songs are explained and wind into a tale that fuels imagination as it relaxes and teaches.
Narration for this little story is from Lee Ann Howlett, and she manages to present a mix of character voices and clear narrative voice with a soothing tone, encouraging careful listening while not over-playing any one character or moment.  A lovely little story for the under eights in your household, part of a collection of Tuck-Me-In Tales that I’m sure could become staples in households with young children.

Stars: Overall: 5 Narration: 4 Story: 5

The Tale of Chirpy Cricket: a Tuck Me In Tale by Arthur Scott Bailey

Title: The Tale of Chirpy Cricket
Author: Arthur Scott Bailey
Series: Tuck-Me-In Tales
Genre: Children's Literature, Classic
Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett
Published by: Memory Tyne Audiobooks
ISBN: 1434454916
Published on: 6 February, 2015
Source: AudioBook Jukebox
Pages: 128
Audio Length: 1 Hour: 30 minutes
Rated: four-stars
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Chirpy Cricket sleeps in his little hole in Farmer Green's farmyard all day but when night falls, he comes out of his hole and makes his music with other members of the cricket family. Chirpy calls the noise he makes with his legs "fiddling" and he loves to fiddle. When he isn't fiddling, he gathers grass to take back to his hole to eat. Chirpy also likes to visit other creatures on the farm such as Tommy Tree Cricket, Freddie Firefly, Mr. Cricket Frog and others.

Arthur Scott Bailey wrote a number of children's books. This book is part of his Tuck-Me-In Tales series. Bailey managed to slip facts about the various creatures into his books without sounding "preachy" and incorporated science into his wonderful stories while still giving his characters distinct personalities.

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In a similar vein, there are several of Arthur Scott Bailey’s stories out there for your younger children.  Following in the footsteps of  Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and  Give a Moose a Muffin, these stories are perfect bedtime / downtime listens or reads for slightly older (5 – 7) kids. Believe it or not, engaging a child’s imagination regularly will help them later on in problem solving – plus it’s more fun to imagine yourself the captain of a box hat is now your pirate ship….