A Summer of New Beginnings by Lisa Hobman

A Summer of New Beginnings by Lisa Hobman

Lisa Hobman comes to the blog today with a story full of second chances and finding your dreams in

A Summer of New Beginnings

Zara is a travel writer, assigned to write about luxury destinations for an up and coming magazine in London. From Miami resorts to Maldives Honeymoon escapes she loves the variety, the challenge and the touches of luxury that she otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford while chasing her childhood dream of travelling the world. Her best friend from school, Shelley, and a best friend from work, Marco, make up her little group, and with her boyfriend of the past year, Josh, things are moving nicely. Coming back from a Miami assignment, she’s ready for the next trip and heads into work.

Discovering that the “adventure” travel writer has quit without real notice and the boss has decided that she needs to fill in on his next assignment sends this city girl into a panic – bicycling the North Coast 500 – a 500 mile trip that traverses the Scottish Highlands in a giant circle with Inverness Castle at the start and end. While she bikes to work and around the park occasionally, a five hundred mile trip that includes camping is NOT on her wish list, but the boss is undeterred. Fortunately, her boyfriend Josh manages an outdoor adventure shop, so she’s able to use the company card to outfit herself for the journey, and get in some unexpected flirting time with the boyfriend, one who her friends don’t like. They have reason, as Josh turns out to, after a year of dating, have a ten year old child that he’d never mentioned, and the baby mama and child are arriving in days… days in which Zara is expected to ‘accept’ this information all while dreading her next assignment. Of course, Josh, who seems from the jump to be incredibly self-centered, is ‘caught’ cheating – and Zara leaves for her trip with what she believes is a broken heart and plenty of angst.

This was SO wonderfully readable – and Zara alternated between being adorably funny, snarky and occasionally far too naïve for her own good. From renaming her hire bicycle to discovering the Highlands, illegally camping on a crofter’s land, only to crash the bike and land at his feet (almost literally) in a re-enactment where she thought she “did a Claire”, it’s clear that discouraged and snarky really aren’t who she is, and the time away from both the office and her friends give her a brief glimpse at new options, and time to work on her novel contained on her pink flash drive as she waits for a new bike from the hire company after killing the first. Connecting with Lachlan and finding options that she never thought plausible, but discounting the connection because of distance, her dream of writing is just that, until he makes some moves. Zara is desperately trying to find things her friends have: relationships that are becoming more permanent, finding fulfillment in work, homes and their life in the city – and her dreams of becoming an author are merely that. Until Lachlan, crofter and attorney, uses his connections and a belief in her story to push her and her book forward, and grab for a chance for their own happy ever after. Adorable, romantic and compelling – Zara is the girl you want to know, Lachlan is the Scot you want to meet and the story is just how it should be – including fangirl moments, awards, hope and heart.

A Summer of New Beginnings by Lisa Hobman

Title: A Summer of New Beginnings
Author: Lisa Hobman
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Friendship, Humor elements, Second Chance, Setting: Scotland, Woman's Fiction
Published by: Aria
ISBN: 9781788540230
Published on: 19 February, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 320
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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Meet Zara Bailey, a travel writer paid to cover some of the globe's most luxurious locations. Jetting from wooden huts on stilts in turquoise seas to boutique hotels with roaring fires to 7* penthouse suites with panoramic views of the world's most glamorous cities... Zara knows hers is the definition of a dream job!

So she is seriously shocked to receive her next assignment; Scotland's Northcoast 500 route. By bicycle. Sleeping in a tent so basic it can't remotely be dressed up glamping!

But this could be just the distraction the recently heartbroken, Zara needs. No men, no romance, just the breathtakingly rugged Highland scenery. Until she meets croft owner Lachlan Grant, and his black and white Border Collie Bess, that is...

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Lisa Hobman

Lisa Hobman's  debut novel was shortlisted in the 2014 RNA. Her stories centre around believable, yet down to earth characters and the places in Scotland she has visited and fallen in love with. She is a happily married mum of one with two energetic dogs.


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