A Stellar Affair: Love’s Bright #4 by Virginnia DeParté

This is the 4th installment of this uniquely devised fantasy.  We are spending more time with Stella, another g-altered character who has managed to live outside of the superior tracking and detection of the government, and keep her genetic status a secret.  All of the g-altered beings in this planet and world possess traits and abilities that the government will use and abuse for their own nefarious purposes.

But, the heart wants what it does, and Stella is inexorably attracted to Matt, who has some disturbing ties to the powers that could prove to be the end of life as Stella knows it: for her and her family.  Will his love for her outweigh his sense and lead him to her destruction?

DeParté has created an incredible world and filled it with unique and engaging characters, added tension to move the plot forward quickly and keep the reader engaged and engrossed with each page.  From the early introduction to the unique blends and abilities, to the incorporation of countries and scenes that are familiar yet wholly revamped, these are fun and quirky stories that keep you wondering about just who and where the story will impact next.

A Stellar Affair: Love’s Bright #4 by Virginnia DeParté

Title: A Stellar Affair
Author: Virginnia DeParté
Genre: Science Fiction
Published by: Secret Cravings Publishing
Source: Author
Pages: 128
Rated: four-stars
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Stella Corban’s choice is hard - fall in love and endanger her genetically altered family, or lose the one man who makes her heart joyful. For three generations they have avoided the notice of the Department of Defence and its compulsory conscription, but Matt’s acquaintance with the Minister of Defence frightens Stella into avoiding any further contact with him.

Matt Saunders is not a man to be thwarted. He knows Stella is the woman he wants, and he pursues her from the outback to the city and beyond.

The battle between protecting her family and attaining her heart’s desire turns Stella’s world upside down. Would discovering her talents shatter Matt’s passion? Can he be relied on to keep a secret? Can she risk her safety and the whole family’s security by falling in love, or will a life-threatening event remove any choice she had?

A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Virginnia DeParté

Virginnia is a writer of poetry and fiction. She lives on the coast of the Bay of Plenty, an
aptly named region of New Zealand. Now retired she has the time to tell of the lives of
the characters who populate her imagination and hopes their stories bring pleasure to her