Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin

Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin

A new to me author, Holly Martin, on the blog today, feeding my Brit writer’s obsession with her latest romantic comedy / chick lit story. Please read on for my review of

Spring at Blueberry Bay

Bella is in need of a job, yesterday even when her last position as an events coordinator evaporated spectacularly, and unfortunately she’s been tarred with the unreliable, untrustworthy brush. She’s one of those wholly competent people in the workforce, intelligent, strong and loyal, but her own personal issues make her personal life a bit of a mess, and her pride all too often gets in her way. When she’s decided to fuel her giving side by working for a charity that works with the homeless, she’s set up the interview when a series of unfortunate and rather fortuitous events start to happen.

Not long after setting the appointment, she discovers a homeless man at her front gate. Now, she’s got no money for food, no prospects at the moment, but feels that offering the man a place to stay for the night is the right thing to do. The two converse and while the attraction is mutual, there are secrets and surprises. While the homeless man leaves the next morning, he finds himself returning and acting on his attraction: only to have his own conscience send him packing. See, the homeless man is Isaac, a wealthy man and CEO of the foundation to which Bella has applied. His own experiences have him skeptical about the people he encounters, but Bella is so genuine and real, he can’t help but want her in his life.

Oh the twists and turns here: both Bella and Isaac make mistakes and allow their own trust issues to affect their lives in ways that could be so tragic, had they happened with someone else. Bella, after being dumped at her Aunt and Uncle’s house as a child, has always felt unlovable and unable to ask for help: financial, emotional or just general familial acceptance. Isaac’s issues were in the subterfuge: while the reasoning was logical, when Bella arrived for her interview (a serious LOL moment) he should have come clean as the “homeless” man outside her gates. But, he’s perseverating and putting it off – and this issue could have sent them both to opposite corners……

Fortunately for Isaac, Bella is a wonderfully generous woman, and forgiving, and I am sure that the connection that sparked between them helped to keep them talking, and allowed the reality of their suitability to come forward. It’s hard to dislike Isaac even with the deception, but his encouragement and support for Bella, even in the simplest moments, showed his good intentions and heart – and kept me glued to the pages as I watched their relationship grow. Truly a wonderful story full of laughter, love and heat, and a perfect introduction to Holly Martin’s writing. Grab this one today – you won’t be disappointed.

Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin

Title: Spring at Blueberry Bay
Author: Holly Martin
Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Humor elements, Romantic Elements
Published by: Bookouture
ISBN: 1786811855
Published on: 31 March, 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 338
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Welcome to beautiful Hope Island where the sea sparkles, the daffodils are blooming and a blossoming romance is just around the corner…

Bella has always had a sunny outlook and caring nature, despite recently falling on hard times. When she finds a handsome homeless man on her doorstep, her kind heart tells her she must help him. So, she invites Isaac into her cottage and into her life in ways she could never have imagined…

But Isaac is not what he seems. He’s keeping a huge secret from Bella, yet he never expected to fall for this open, generous and charming woman.
Bella can’t ignore the chemistry between her and Isaac, but she’s had her trust badly broken in her past. Will she run when she learns the truth about Isaac, or will he be the one man who can help Bella believe in love again?

A gorgeously romantic and heartwarming story to completely lose yourself in. Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Jane Costello and Miranda Dickinson.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Holly Martin

Holly Martin  emerged onto the Chick Lit scene by winning the Belinda Jones Travel Club short story competition – and has not looked back since.  Her adult fiction debut, The Guestbook, hit number 5 in the Amazon chart, and she hasn't stopped writing.



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