Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle and Shine

It’s time for another Blog All About It post – this one’s prompt is

Sparkle and Shine

The perfect way to wrap up the final day of new review posts for 2018 as well – back in 2019 with more new reads and reviews – and probably more challenges!

I’m a fan of sparkle and shine – in many different situations, and wholly unrelated to the season or the day. Mostly, I’m a 3 year old child trapped in an adult’s body who knows that there is never too much pink, purple, teal or sparkles: my pens are almost universally gel glitter pens, my desk has glitter-covered cards, stickers and images everywhere, I have socks with sparkles in them, snow globes that are universally sparkly, glass ball ornaments that have chips of sparkle, gold fleck, iridescent paints, metallic edged ribbon…. you name it – I have something shiny to celebrate it.

Funnily enough -I don’t have (and don’t like) French Revival or Rococo furniture with gilt edging (or in the case of the ‘decorated’ spaces at 1600 ) most reminiscent of Louis XIV or bordellos.  So I indulge in my sparkle and shine fetish in obscure (and easily swapped out) ways: just a bit of brightness to make me smile and indulge the little girl who is screaming MORE SPARKLES PLEASE!

It’s been a truly fun experience this year -forcing myself out of the reviewer’s box to look at the world with a different eye…..  what makes you sparkle?



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