What Solomon Saw and Other Stories by Mary Dean Cason

A Short Story collection by Mary Dean Cason, featuring a mix of stories about a moment of crisis.  Please read on to find out about

What Solomon Saw and Other Stories:

It’s no surprise to those of you who follow along that I like a well-crafted short story collection, especially when the underlying threads are somehow connected.  In this collection, Mary Dean Cason presents stories revolving around eleven different women, and their moment of ‘crisis’: whether a betrayal, a life choice or the deceptively simple business of living.

There is a certain aura and tradition around the ‘southern voice’ that seems to capture a solid combination of description and realism that has captivated readers for years.  Cason’s voice in this collection is facile, gentle and nuanced when necessary, laden with emotions and presents issues that are, if not common, wholly human and real for readers.

Each story brings you in, allows you a vision into lives that is palpable, yet removed: you are the ignored plant in the corner as the lives, and the stories happen around you.  Characters are honest, with grit and hopes, dreams and resignation displayed in ways that are unexpected and sometimes new, but always leaving you thinking it could be no other way.

That, for me, is the joy of the short story: complex and complete in and of itself, providing insights only given after years of knowing, but distilled into small bites. Each word becomes vitally important to the flow and progression, building slowly into a lovely picture leaving the reader satisfied, but still wanting more.  These stories will be read often, and are the better for it- characters have become friends or relations: solidly human despite their fictional state. Truly one of the better collections I have read from a modern author.

What Solomon Saw and Other Stories by Mary Dean Cason

Title: What Solomon Saw and Other Stories
Author: Mary Dean Cason
Genre: Literary Fiction
Published by: Inkwit
ISBN: 9780692238684
Published on: 5 December, 2014
Source: Author
Pages: 246
Rated: five-stars
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What Solomon Saw and Other Stories showcases the dazzling storytelling skills of award-winning author Mary Dean Cason.

Set in the American South, Chicago, New York City, and Europe, the eleven insightful short stories in this collection explore the lives of women young and old, who may be strong, emotionally fragile, or befuddled by life's contradictions. The title story takes its name from the wise old willow oak that cradles the tree house of young Martha, who finds herself reeling in a rapidly changing world. In "A Whore for Thursdays," Gina Pella investigates what is behind her angelic husband's shocking deathbed admission that he has been unfaithful every Thursday, except on Thanksgiving, for thirty years. "Girl Interrupted at Her Music" follows cellist Nora Steele into a spiral of depression and confusion after she loses her husband-and all hope for babies and a normal life-in the South Tower. And in "A Split in the Seam," Tess receives unexpected visits from her parents, proving that parents continue to watch over their children-even after they die. Whether lighthearted tales or heartbreaking dramas, these stories focus on the relationships women forge with their families, friends, lovers, and the world around them.

A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Mary Dean Cason

Mary Dean Cason was born in the heart of the Carolina Bible belt to a Yankee Catholic Opera-singing mother and a Georgia dad who preferred hunting to just about anything. After arriving in Chicago as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, Cason moved on to writing for a collection of advertising agencies and dabbling in fiction on the side. Her first short story was a finalist in NPR's Stories on Stage and spurred her to enroll in the University of Chicago's Writers Studio. What Solomon Saw and Other Stories is her first book. She is completing a novel set in her hometown of Winston-Salem, NC during the unrest of the 1960s.


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