Sisters of Willow House: Sandy Cove #2 by Susanne O’Leary

Sisters of Willow House: Sandy Cove #2 by Susanne O’Leary

Susanne O’Leary comes to the blog with the second book in her Sandy Cove series, and now we have Roisin’s story in

Sisters of Willow House

Roisin and Cian were married during university, and now with three teenage sons, selling up their very successful business and an unexpected inheritance have plenty of time on their hands and enough disposable income to take a break. It’s been non-stop work and organization for the past twenty or so years, and while both needed a break – they are getting under one another’s feet. The extra money allowed for the boys to go to the boarding school they wanted, and the allure of “ladies who lunch” falls flat at Roisin’s feet. But, shortly after the new year, Cian arrives with his dream idea – a new camper-van and plans to travel up the west coast of Ireland (a trip they have never done), while living ‘glamorously rough’. One problem: Roisin hates camping and since Cian had never told her about the plan for the camper-van, and then named it Rita after his first girlfriend, her nose is most certainly out of joint. But relief comes in the form of Maeve, living at Sandy Cove with her husband Paschal and overseeing the renovations at Willow House while Aunt Phil is on a book tour in the states. Maeve is now pregnant, much to their delight, and he doctors have told her to stay off her feet and stay away from stress.

The renovations are the perfect project for Roisin to get stuck into: her penchant for timelines, deadlines and spreadsheets, and her ability to get people working to those deadlines will be the key to having the house completed. But Cian isn’t so keen. They decide that he and his friend Andrew will go off and explore the wilds of Ireland, seeing the sights while Roisin goes to Sandy Cove to manage construction and look after Maeve. And here things go left – as Sandy Cove villagers are more attuned to the goings on in town than one would expect, and Roisin has to both chase down the builder and find a way to get him to actually show up. With a new arrival in town: Declan, former RTE investigative reporter now under a cloud of ‘shame’ due to his expose on government officials. A favorite of Roisin’s – the two have an instant spark, which she passes off as friendship – Declan is interested in what she has to say, listens, challenges and intrigues her. And while he claims to only want friendship – she’s happy to fill that void.

Of course, there is no such thing as privacy when the paparazzi are around, and soon photos of Declan and Roisin, as well as the story of her ‘split’ with Cian and being in the company of womanizer Declan all lead to some sketchy stories and plenty of angst. Actually enough angst to have Cian contacting her for the first time in a while, although maintaining contact with his sons. A nasty winter storm, the boys on half-term break and Declan declaring both his interest and Roisin discovering his secrets, she’s feeling pretty low. Until the surprise arrival of Cian, a long talk, and ideas that flow like water as the two realize that the break they had, added to a rediscovering of their own needs, desires and commitment as a couple give them a lovely second chance at life. When you add in the ‘discovery’ of a new and unknown cousin, the imminent arrival of Maeve and Paschal’s baby, and the soon to be open boutique B & B at Willow House, the story held all of the charm of Ireland and family as the first, and promises so much more to come in the future.

Sisters of Willow House: Sandy Cove #2 by Susanne O’Leary

Title: Sisters of Willow House
Author: Susanne O'Leary
Series: Sandy Cove #2
Also in this series: Secrets of Willow House, Dreams of Willow House, Daughters of Wild Rose Bay
Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Family Saga, Irish, Second Chance, Setting: Ireland, Small Town
Published by: Bookouture
ISBN: 9781786818607
Published on: 26 July, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 262
Rated: four-stars
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A heart-warming novel about the bond between sisters, set along Ireland’s windswept shores, where romance beckons and secrets unfold…

Roisin McKenna and her husband Cian are taking time apart. Unsure of what she wants, Roisin’s prayers are answered when she receives a call from her sister Maeve who is desperate for her help.

Roisin heads to Sandy Cove to help Maeve restore their aunt’s gorgeous tumbledown mansion Willow House and soon all she has time to focus on are its crumbling walls. Despite a shocking announcement from Maeve and hidden secrets in the house’s rafters, Roisin begins to feel a sense of self she’s been missing for years.

The ties that bind Roisin to her husband seem to be unfurling in the Irish wind, when she unexpectedly stumbles into a mysterious man on the beach. Suddenly, she’s swept up in the idea of another life she could lead…

The restoration may have brought the sisters back together, but as a storm rolls over the coast Roisin feels sure she must make a choice. Will her time at Willow House teach her the precious lessons she needs to return home or has the cove called to her in ways she’d never imagined it could?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.



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