Seven Out: A Wil Driscoll Adventure by Kevin Moore ~ Review and Giveaway

Today is a fun and short yet epic historical fiction adventure from indie author Ken Moore – read on to see all about the book, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway where 2 winners could win a kindle copy of the book.

Book Review:

Written as two connecting story lines, Kevin Moore introduces us to Wil Driscoll and his partner Albert Crow as part of a radio show. In fact, the unnamed man who provides the story and intermission via his radio is a quietly unassuming, referred to only as “the man” with only the barest of clues to his identity.  His sections of the story provide a view of an entertained and satisfied listener, with description of his expression, action and the radio being the high points.

But most importantly, the story is centered on Wil Driscoll’s adventure, as he and his partner in the business of trading antiquities: really a euphemism for theft or questionable provenance for pieces sold to the highest bidder.  This particular installment takes place on a Mississippi River Paddle Steamer, complete with a craps table and some highly placed political figures.  When their contact for a pistol owned by Andrew Jackson fails to make their appointment, Will and Albert are thinking their chance to have the gun is out of reach.  But an early morning murder of their contact spins their two day stay on board into a far more treacherous venture.

The characters of Wil and Albert are engaging with interactions and information providing the reader with enough information to appreciate them, while leaving room for further development. While neither is operating on the right side of the law, there is a streak of chivalry and gallantry that both display, as well as an awareness of their own particular strengths and appearances.  Well researched with a story arc that increases the tension to a perfect peak, then holds the reader in abeyance with several questions yet unanswered that sets the stage for a series of adventures as Wil and Albert travel in search of the next big antiquity for a new buyer.   A fun, quick and engaging read that will please fans of history, mystery and good storytelling.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Seven Out

Title:  Seven Out
Author:  Kevin Moore
Format:  eBook
Publisher:  Self Published
Pages:  33
Source: Author
Genre: Historical Fiction, Action Adventure
Series: Wil Driscoll Adventure # 1
Best Read in Order:  Not Required
Stars:  5

Purchase Now:   Amazon


About the Book:

When a gun goes off on board the steamer DeSoto’s Glory, the adventurous and sardonic fugitive Wil Driscoll abandons his plans for buying information on a priceless artifact to make a quick getaway. An ex-pilot from the Great War turned treasure hunter, Wil had booked passage down the Mississippi River in order to learn the whereabouts of a century-old pistol used by President Andrew Jackson to kill an opponent in a duel.

Wil and his partner, who have made a lucrative career during the Prohibition years not by selling booze but by finding (or as of late, stealing) historical artifacts for sale to the highest bidder, discover their informant shot and dying in a pool of his own blood, rambling, “He took it.” With an armed killer on the loose, the boat sets course for the port of Lake Providence to rendezvous with the Louisiana State Police, who have been hunting Wil and his accomplice for a decade. With less than an hour to jump ship, they must track down the pistol’s murderous thief.


Giveaway:  Kevin is offering 2 winners a Kindle copy of Seven Out: A Wil Driscoll Adventure.
Drawing will end at 23:59 on 16 September.


About the Author:  

Kevin Moore is a writer and historian from Toledo, Ohio. He is the author of Seven Out: A Wil Driscoll Adventure, Waves and War, Sorrow and Demons, and My Lovely Wife, Edith. Kevin holds a Master of Arts in History from Bowling Green State University and is a contributing writer to the Toledo Free Press.


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