Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner

Today I have a lovely story – historical and contemporary collide and collude to bring a story that will please readers from teens to adults.  Perfect for those who think “historical fiction” is not something they would like, this story brings a new perspective to the table with a little mystery,  a lot of hope and plenty of heart.

Secrets of a Charmed Life:

It’s been a long time that I have so utterly immersed myself in a story that the ending was dreaded: that necessary return to the world of reality.  Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner has become that book, the one that stays with you for days after.

A curious mix of contemporary and historic, presented in several perspectives by three of the characters starts with Kendra, a history major studying abroad at Oxford.  Kendra is working on a term paper, her last before she returns to school in the US.  Part of the challenge for this assignment is to be one of five papers chosen to be printed in celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day, focused on survivors of the London Blitz.

Kendra is given a last-minute replacement interview with Isabel MacFarland, a noted local artist and survivor of the Blitz, living in a small town in the Cotswolds.  Isabel is celebrating her93rd birthday, and seems anxious to share her story with Kendra after Kendra is quoting Michael Crichton “if you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree”. The exuberance and interest that Kendra shows for history: not just the events but the effect those events had on the people who lived through them, how they felt, is integral and should interest everyone.

Told in three voices this story winds from contemporary conversation to reminiscence, to diaries and letters where the writer bares their emotions, their hardships and the unending quest for the answer to ‘what if’: what if different choices were made, or other opportunities were available.  A recurring theme throughout the story where choices are made and the characters need to learn to deal with all that comes from turning left or right, without the opportunity to go back.

Rich with description and characters who we only come to know through another’s eyes as they understand and come to accept their lives, their own choices made and the staunch reliance on doing what needs be done at the time, we also see the strength and courage needed by those who are to emerge from war.

Lush details of the city and country bring England of the past and present to light: the old juxtaposed against the new, and the rich legacy of history that is omnipresent, and so intriguing to the modern day Kendra.  Details as simple as light pouring into a room, or the dust in the air give readers instant visual images, populating their imagination with a scene that is familiar and yet exotic, adding to the effect of Meissner’s storytelling, immersing you deeply and lasting long after the final page.

The perfect read for teens and adults interested in stories that transport and engage, a great read for those unsure about liking historical fiction, and sure to please fans of the genre.  A truly wonderful book that had me reading long into the night, unable to put it down.

Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner

Title: Secrets of a Charmed Life
Author: Susan Meissner
Genre: Historical Fiction
Published by: NAL Trade
ISBN: 0451419928
Published on: 3 February, 2015
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Pages: 416
Audio Length: 11 Hours: 36 minutes
Rated: five-stars
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She stood at a crossroads, half-aware that her choice would send her down a path from which there could be no turning back. But instead of two choices, she saw only one—because it was all she really wanted to see…

Current day, Oxford, England. Young American scholar Kendra Van Zant, eager to pursue her vision of a perfect life, interviews Isabel McFarland just when the elderly woman is ready to give up secrets about the war that she has kept for decades...beginning with who she really is. What Kendra receives from Isabel is both a gift and a burden--one that will test her convictions and her heart.

1940s, England. As Hitler wages an unprecedented war against London’s civilian population, one million children are evacuated to foster homes in the rural countryside. But even as fifteen-year-old Emmy Downtree and her much younger sister Julia find refuge in a charming Cotswold cottage, Emmy’s burning ambition to return to the city and apprentice with a fashion designer pits her against Julia’s profound need for her sister’s presence. Acting at cross purposes just as the Luftwaffe rains down its terrible destruction, the sisters are cruelly separated, and their lives are transformed…

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Susan Meissner

Susan Meissner was born in San Diego, California, the second of three. She spent her childhood in just two houses.

Her first writings are a laughable collection of oddly worded poems and predictable stories she wrote when she was eight.

She attended Point Loma College in San Diego, and married her husband, Bob, who is now an associate pastor and a chaplain in the Air Force Reserves, in 1980. When she is not working on a new novel, she is directing the small groups ministries at The Church at Rancho Bernardo. She also enjoy teaching workshops on writing and dream-following, spending time with my family, music, reading great books, and traveling.


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