Secret Things and Highland Flings by Tracy Corbett

Secret Things and Highland Flings by Tracy Corbett

Tracy Corbett comes to the blog with a story full of art, secrets, lies and heart in

Secret Things and Highland Flings

Lexi and her twin sister Tash are both ‘arty’ with advanced degrees from Oxford and their own way of looking at the world. Where Lexi is, after being scammed by her ex-husband and barely holding on to her own place, a gallery owner with a solid reputation and a penchant for medieval artworks, Tash has embraced the art scene with a twist as a tattoo artist. The two appear as different as night and day with Tash’s dark clothing, tattoos and ‘in your face’ approach to life where Lexi is fond of her vintage style, baking and trying to build her business. Sharing a building left by their grandmother, the two have neighbouring shopfronts and share one of the two flats upstairs, the other is rented out for extra income. With a query to evaluate a collection of paintings from Ruhba Castle in Sheildaig Scotland, she’s got a new plan. But a receiver at the door shortly after her ex-husband’s reappearance and his demand that some ill-gotten funds be returned have Lexi worried about the next step. This worry increases when she catches Olly in her storeroom, obviously hunting for something that doesn’t belong to him.

Olly left the family home some eleven years ago after he decided he couldn’t deal with his parents’ judgment, demands or the lack of belief he had in them. With his artistic talent honed by his mother, he was tired of always trying to ‘be enough”. But his return has made one sister very happy, angered the other, and left him smack in the middle of a struggle about finances, two homes and which is sold. Dealing with the anger from his sister Sophie, even from her townhouse in Windsor is bad enough, but not being able to share why he left leaves him feeling as if nothing will ever be enough. Of course, things are even more fraught as his sister Louisa doesn’t want to leave the castle, is pregnant with her first child, collects stray animals like others do shoes AND is confined in her movement after being run over by a renegade Shetland pony that resulted in her broken leg.

Oh this was fun and the families, both Tash and Lexi and Olly and his sisters are lovely, and when Lexi goes to the castle to evaluate other works and plan an exhibit, the lies and deceptions heat up, and even though the connection between Olly and Lexi is palpable, neither is being totally honest. We’ve got copies of old masters, a painter who hadn’t for over a decade, an ex-husband who won’t stop trying to run a scam, a very devoted and prickly sister (no wait – make that two sisters), secrets, more secrets and constant worries, questions and guilt for Lexi. She doesn’t like lying, and when her sister comes clean, she’s angry and feels deceived. Again. Of course, it will take both Tash and Olly with his sister Sophie, plenty of secrets unearthed into the light, and lots of confidences shared, but there is happy moments (and a big surprise) for everyone at the end. Light, fun, twisty and completely engaging, these are people you want to have as friends and neighbors.

Secret Things and Highland Flings by Tracy Corbett

Title: Secret Things and Highland Flings
Author: Tracy Corbett
Genre: British, Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Humor elements, Second Chance, Setting: Britain, Setting: Scotland
Published by: Avon Books UK
ISBN: 9780008299491
Published on: 20 May, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 300
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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The heart-warming new novel from reader favourite, Tracy Corbett, for fans of Heidi Swain and Jenny Oliver.

When Lexi’s ex runs off to Spain with his PA, she’s left to clean up the financial mess he leaves behind. She’ll do anything to keep her beloved art gallery afloat, but then a surprise discovery makes things even more complicated…

On the surface, Olly seems to have it all: a carefree life, travelling the world. But he’s running from something in his past. And when his father dies, Olly’s life is turned upside down as he suddenly finds himself the Earl of Horsley and inherits his family’s crumbling estate in the Scottish Highlands.

When their worlds collide, Lexi and Olly are instantly drawn to one another. But can love ever work if they both have secrets to hide?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Tracy Corbett

Tracy Corbett lives with her partner Simon in Surrey and works part-time for a local charity. Tracy has been writing for a number of years and has had a few short stories published in My Weekly magazine. As well as belonging to a local writing group, she enjoys amateur dramatics and can regularly be found dressing up in strange costumes and prancing about the stage pretending to be all manner of odd characters.


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