The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle

The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle

Nancy Naigle comes to the blog today with a sweet, second chance romance title with

The Secret Ingredient

Andrew and Kelly were high school sweethearts, rarely separate as they worked together at the Main Street Café, created and tested recipes, and had planned on opening their own restaurant. Deeply in love and looking forward to their wedding in a year or so, the two have only one real ‘obstacle’ in their lives; Andrew’s relationship with his father. But, when his aunt, living in Paris, offers him a fully-paid six month apprenticeship under a top pastry chef, Kelly doesn’t tell him not to go – she wants his success as much as he does. But, she never thought that he’d not return at the end of the six months.

Fast forward some seven years and Kelly has made a name for herself in the small North Carolina town – she owns the house on which the tree that carries her and Andrew’s initials are entwined, a pet teacup pig named Gray and has bought and refitted the old ribbon factory as a bakery – running two shifts to fill her online orders for baked treats worldwide. Self-taught but for the facetimed sharing done with Andrew as he learned new techniques in France, she’s managed to make a real going concern of her bakery, and a passing musician’s recommendation on twitter didn’t hurt. But Andrew has just arrived home for a fly-through visit on his way to somewhere else, and she wants nothing more than to avoid him until he leaves. Not that she’s still hurt by his actions so many years ago (No – Really – she’s not) but that she has found her own path and doesn’t want to be distracted. (Really – that’s her loudest voice speaking) For his part, Andrew never thought that he had missed anything when he chose to stay in Paris and work with world-renown chefs. And then he saw Kelly again at a sneakily arranged Welcome Home party his mother and sister arranged – and until she will talk with him and they resume their familiar banter – nothing matters as much. But Kelly is more than reluctatnt – until he catches her in a weak moment and the two work to create a groom’s cake that she was struggling with the concept. A bit of new ‘technique’, the return of their ebb and flow in the kitchen and a groom’s cake to turn heads, and the two have tentatively mended fences, at least for the length of his stay.

But an opportunity to compete in her most favorite ever baking competition arrives in a huge hush-hush package brings Kelly the opportunity of a lifetime – with many firsts. Her first time out of the small North Carolina town, her first flight, her first time away from her parents in her life…. All sorts of firsts. And of course, this being a solid second chance story with a couple that is destined to be together – Andrew is also in the competition. But the two are separated, shuttled back and forth, and under contract to not disclose the reason they are in New York City….until a chance turn down the street puts Kelly and her handler in the sight of Andrew and his – and the two use Andrew’s connections in the restaurant industry to score a table for four in a top hot eatery with special chef’s treatment. Oh all is good and Andrew and Kelly are quietly repairing old hurts and starting to see possibilities – or he is….. Yes, this was sweet and fairly predictable with plenty of delight for imagination with the cakes described and Kelly’s unique use of ingredient combinations. Sure these two are fated to be tougher – but it will take Andrew’s making a real effort to prove to Kelly that he’s in this for the long haul – and that his leaving for so long was on him – never on her -something that only he can give to her. Sweet, engaging and also a made for the channel movie – this is a perfect bit of sweet escapism that everyone needs now and then.

The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle

Title: The Secret Ingredient
Author: Nancy Naigle
Genre: Contemporary Sweet Romance -Adult, Food / Recipes, Second Chance
Published by: Hallmark Publishing
ISBN: 1947892371
Published on: 12 February, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 295
Audio Length: 9 Hours: 26 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One Flame

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Love is like a perfect recipe… You never want to lose it.

Years ago, Kelly McIntyre and Andrew York were engaged and dreaming of opening a restaurant together. Then he chose an opportunity to study in Paris over the small-town life they’d planned, and their romance came to a bittersweet end.

But Kelly’s doing fine. She’s not only the owner of a potbellied pig named Gray, but also of her own bakery. Business is good—so good that she’s invited to compete in a Valentine’s Day bake-off. As she prepares for the contest, she tries not to get distracted by Andrew’s visit to town.

When Andrew sees Kelly, it stirs up his old feelings. Little does he know that soon, in New York, he’ll compete against her in the bake-off…and they’ll both realize how much their past is a part of them still.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.



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