Review with Giveaway: The King’s Sword by C.J. Brightley


Title: The King’s Sword
Author: C.J. Brightley
Format: eBook
Publisher: Egia, LLC
Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-1301984824
Source: Author
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Series: Erdemen Honor
Best Read in Order: Not Applicable
Stars: 4
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About the Book:

A disillusioned soldier. A spoiled, untried prince. A coup that threatens the country they love.

When retired soldier Kemen finds the young prince Hakan fleeing an attempted assassination, he reluctantly takes the role of mentor and guardian. Keeping the prince alive is challenging enough. Making him a man is harder.

As usurper Vidar tightens his grip on power, Kemen wrestles with questions of duty and honor. What if the prince isn’t the best ruler after all?

Invasion looms, and Kemen’s decisions will shape the fate of a nation. What will he sacrifice for friendship and honor?

Book Review:

Kemen is very well developed and voiced, without coming across as perfect: he has flaws and regrets, with a tinge of bitterness all making him more human and relatable. The character of Hakan was less likable, but did show growth and development as the story progressed, despite his many flaws. C.J. Brightley has a talent for developing characters that retain a sense of relatable humanity, even in worlds and situations that are far removed from those readers know. Interesting to me was the inclusion of some ‘less desirable’ traits of humanity: racism, sexism, factions, war and even poverty: these helped to ground the setting in the familiar even as the lush descriptions of landscapes and places gave it a unique and singular feel.

This is an epic fantasy that initially felt more (to me) like historical fiction, until the world building / referential commentary stepped in and stopped that flow. While it wasn’t highly distracting, there was a great difference in forward motion and pacing in the half, versus the last half of the book. While much of the information was fitting both for main character, and provided insight into his knowledge and dedication as he was concerned with protecting and training the prince, it often felt as if there was too much information.

Overall, I did enjoy this book very much: even as it was not in a genre that I read more for pleasure than review, and I believe that fans of epic fantasies will truly adore this author’s writing and the world / quest / challenges she has created.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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About the Author:

C. J. Brightley lives in Northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC with her husband and young daughter. Aside from writing, she also enjoys reading, teaching karate, making jewelry, and baking.

She is working on the third novel in the Erdemen Honor series as well as a new urban fantasy / supernatural thriller series.

Follow her at:  Website  § Google+  § Facebook  §  @CJBrightley


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