Review: The Worth of Things by David S. Henderson


Today I am pleased to present a returning  Independent author:  David S. Henderson with his book The Worth of Things. 

Title: The Worth of Things
Author: David Henderson
Format: eBook
Publisher: Pope, Harrington & Castro Press
Pages: 235
Source: Author
Genre: Fiction, Literary
Stars: 4
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About the Book:

Sex, Drugs and Spring Break ’85: 12 awesome days and 5 totally bogus ones.
In 1985 when Daniel Bowman borrowed the keys to his mother’s minivan and set out with his friends for Fort Lauderdale he didn’t know where his travels would lead. Spring Break was supposed to be about getting wasted and chasing girls; he never anticipated a life changing journey.

The Worth of Things is, a first-hand account of the seventeen days when Daniel Bowman grew up—right after he married the stripper.

Book Review:

This was vastly different from the first title I read by this author, and a wholly enjoyable ride. Daniel was a fairly typical college student heading for the bacchanal that is Spring Break with some friends, cheap/free digs, an ounce of pot and a mission to party. A stop in a strip club a few hours north of their destination, the boys meet Tina, a lovely young woman of Indonesian descent who playfully asks Daniel to marry her, and his drunken reasoning thinks “why not’.

From that point forward, in 17 days everyone in this story experiences great changes to their lives. Throughout the twists of the story, the characters are easy to relate to, with a clear voicing from Daniel’s perspective of the story and events as they happen. Although Tina’s story is only told from his reactions, the impact of her life and the trials she has endured will change Daniel’s perspective for ever.

There were a few early homonym issues in the first half of the book: those missed choices of words and some misspellings and a few grammatical errors / missed names seemed to appear more often in the latter half. Honestly, the majority of these errors were not hugely detrimental to the story – this book has several twists and turns with wholly unexpected events that kept me needing to know more. I read this book in a few hours, the few errors not diminishing my enjoyment. With or without the errors corrected, this is a great beach/summer read.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About the Author:   

Telling a story is a lot like leading someone to a cabin in the woods. You take them by the hand, start walking, and follow a path as it weaves its way through the trees. Along the way you point out the plants, animals, and numerous tidbits you know will add to the journey. Eventually you reach the front door of a cottage.

If the story teller does their job correctly, the path makes sense for the entire journey; the path narrows at the proper time, it becomes rocky (or doesn’t) when it feels right. The traveler isn’t confused, they understand what they are looking at and probably think they know what is up ahead.

With “The Worth of Things” I set out in the first half of the book to build a foundation with the characters, to create a course leading up a steady incline that brings the reader up and over a peak. On the other side of the summit, my intention was to move the reader quickly, to where they find themselves running down the path — and before they know it, they’ve run, full force, into the locked door of the cabin.

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