The Erroneous Talibani by Richard Asner



Today I have a review of The Erroneous Talibani by Richard Asner.  Enjoy !


Title:  The Erroneous Talibani
Author:  Richard Asner
Format:  Hardcover and eBook
Publisher:  Vantage Press, Inc.
Pages:  213
ISBN:   978-0533162165
Genre:  Mystery
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Stars:  4

About the Book:   The Erroneous Talibani showcases all the essential components of the classic espionage novel. Exotic settings, broken hearts, treacherous allies, love, violence, redemption and vengeance spin through the book, which moves at a breakneck pace worthy of the best examples of the genre.

Greg Damet, an Annapolis graduate with eight years in Naval Intelligence is recruited by the CIA where he meets and falls in love with Jacquie Dean. Together they are sent to Afghanistan to work with the Special Forces. Greg is sent into the field while Jacquie remains at Bagram Air Base.

During Greg’s tour of duty, his plane is shot down, eats raw snake to survive and is ultimately captured and beaten nearly to death by the Taliban. He is discovered by Aysha, the daughter of a tribal chieftain and she nurses him back to health. During his recovery, the two develop a romantic attraction for each other. It is also while he is recovering that he is able to obtain information that has dire international consequences, information supplied by a CIA mole. Armed with this information, Greg is forced to kiss a tearful Aysha good-bye and do whatever it takes to get to the American Embassy in Islamabad. Greg’s initial action there is key to unravelling the mystery of the mole’s true identity.


While describing the plot of this book would be nigh on useless, the comparisons to classic Bond tales is an apt one. With exotic and foreign destinations, an element of governmental interference and the edge of the attitude of the locals ranging from intrigued to hostile.  It took me a few pages in to get a feel for the main character, Greg, but he is revealed to have a keen intelligence and strong sense of duty and a knack for ferreting out deception.  Throughout the multiple twists and turns of the plot, the underlying sense of “this is entirely too possible a situation to be just fiction” is all too palpable.

Nothing was foreshadowed in a way that I could determine just who the ‘real bad guys’ were, and many of the hints I thought I had sorted all were shot to bits by the end. It was a superbly crafted “edge of my seat” read that incorporated a ton of information and detail into tightly woven scenes, making most pieces easy to visualize.  A terrific book for fans of Bond, or those who love to find the end of a mystery. All set in an area that sounds familiar from news stories, but is only a place on a map to most.

**I received an eBook copy from author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.


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About the Author:  Richard Asner describes himself as having led a “very fruitful life,” and it would be impossible to dispute him. A veteran of the U.S. Marines, which he joined at 17, he went on to graduate from the Naval Academy, like his hero Greg Damet. He then spent eight years as a naval aviator teaching midshipmen at Northwestern University, during the last three years of his flying career.  Mr. Asner moved his focus to engineering and spent thirty years working in that field in the Chicago area before retiring. His primary enthusiasm is working out in his health club, but the keyboard will continue to compete with the weight room as a focus for his energy.