Review: Syd and Marcy by Beaird Glover


Title: Syd and Marcy
Author: Beaird Glover
Format: eBook
Publisher: Bugady Books
Pages: 177
Source: Author
Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller
Stars: 5
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About the Book:

Marcy practices to be a great actor, but she isn’t pretending to kill people. Is the murder an audition for Hollywood, or is it reality?

When a ruthless detective is pitted against two self-centered scammers on the lam, it’s hard to tell whose side to be on. A femme fatale and her boyfriend are too wild to trust, but they just don’t know any better. According to the Old South, they must be punished.

The frenetic ride takes off that is not only Syd and Marcy’s escape from Memphis to the backwoods of Mississippi—it’s also a darkly comedic escape to Southern Gen X nihilism in a black Mustang on a dark road getting darker. Featuring a conflict between the Old South and the New, and written in a facile and succinct prose, Syd and Marcy spirals frankly through the realities and illusions of a culture on the rails.

Book Review:

In this viscerally impacting story laden with descriptive passages that create a near cinematic imagery for the reader, Glover has created a crazy romp that delivers far more than the premise would indicate.

Dark and gritty the story is more than a tale of whodunit, but will the culprits be caught and when. As you ride along, the characters display hidden characteristics and rationale for their behavior that does increase your understanding, if not empathy, for even the most dysfunctional of them all. No, the characters are not someone you would want for a neighbor, they have too little impulse control and identify too strongly with their perceptions of their powerlessness in society, but they are realistically portrayed, nearly breathing as you read.

What emerges is a story that substitutes characters and their traits for complex issues with moral and ethical themes, providing the reader a true banquet of options to mull over once the last page is turned. Glover has a style that is not sparse, but intelligently and evocatively descriptive, and each word is specifically placed for a decided reaction. That is not to say you are guided to any one particular impression, but given a series of them to form your conclusions. Twisted and complex, with roadblocks and hidden obstacles this was a book that mystery lovers will enjoy, even without the whodunit.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Beaird Glover lives in New Orleans with his wife, Kim Martin, and their two house cats. Syd and Marcy is his first published novel.

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