Review 101

Here is where I gather all of the posts in the 7 part series On Reviews, a helping guide to things you should be aware of when writing book reviews.  In addition, several authors have provided insight and perspective on reviews – from how reviews can help or hurt an author, to what is important in the writing process as well as how authors seek out reviewers.   Please enjoy!


The Saturday Series On Reviews  #1: with guest post from Barbara Silkstone  See it HERE
What is a book review – what you should hope to find, an author’s perspective on reviews.
The Saturday Series, On Reviews #2 with Guest Post from Lauren Royal  See it HERE
who can review, what do you need to know to review – defining stages of a book (manuscript, pre-edit, post edit, Arc with or without corrections, final upload copy and why online reviews are important to authors
Saturday Series On Reviews # 3 with guest post by Robb Grindstaff  See it HERE
Genres and genre choice as well as a post on the Importance of Editing



The Saturday Series On Reviews # 4: Finding a Reviewer: Guest Post by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey
See this post HERE
Finding a book blogger to follow for readers and bloggers as well as an author’s perspective on finding a reviewer. 


Saturday Series On Reviews # 5: with guest post by Elaine Raco Chase  See it HERE
what to look for when you are reading for review, what’s important to share or not and a note from an author


Saturday Series: On Reviews # 6  Writing that review.  See it HERE
MY basic guides for writing a review including balance, spoilers and using examples
Saturday Series: On Reviews  # 7  Writing the review – common pitfalls  See it HERE
Tp Spoil or not to spoil, the importance of grammar and spelling, removing basic stupid mistakes.