Return to the Little Cottage on the Hill: Little Cottage #3 by Emma Davies

Return to the Little Cottage on the Hill: Little Cottage #3 by Emma Davies

Emma Davies returns to the blog with another story of Joy’s Acre, in the third book of her Little Cottage series: autumn is fast approaching, there is a blacksmithing competition at Aunt Agatha’s estate, and plenty of changes in store. Please read on for my review of

Return to the Little Cottage on the Hill

I adore this series about the changes at Joy’s Acre, and the changes made since we first met the people here and the changes to property and people since the beginning. And that is the joy in this series while there are new characters to meet, the continuing storylines mesh current changes to the staff / family at Joy’s Acre with the new arrival and the overriding determination to make everyone feel the magic that is contained there.

What’s joyous about Davies’ writing is the fact that each story takes readers on a journey: new characters are introduced to the main six (Aunt Agatha, Seth, Maddie, Tom, Clara and Trixie), and their impact on the original characters (excepting Aunt Agatha) as they repeatedly find reaffirmation in the magic that is Joy’s Acre, and their connections in the family they have come to create.

Here we have the opportunity to welcome Aunt Agatha into the fold, rather than a naysayer and a person to be ‘managed” as her time with the very gentle presence of Clara allows her to see how closed off and removed she’s been from both Seth, the property of Joy’s Acre, the village and life – isolating herself with memories and prickles. We have Clara with her unusual (for her) attraction to the television producer Declan, and her own conflicted feelings with the television show that is the latest change to fall on their little space. Trixie’s excitement and eagerness to participate, combined with some serious admiration (and solid takes) from Declan lead her into a place she’s not sure she wants. Fearful of the changes that could come to Joy’s Acre, she’s also aware of the monetary windfall that could arise, allowing the money to finish the last cottages and the barn – money that is always tight.

Lastly there is Megan, staying in the Gardener’s cottage during the weeks long Blacksmithing competition. A local girl who has recently finished her training, and hopes to make her mark (and possibly win a National Trust commission for gates to one of their properties) she’s also got questions and worries. Not only worries about the competition, but of her long-term boyfriend. It’s expected (by many) that she and Liam will marry, and he’d inherited his grandmother’s house –but he didn’t invite her to stay – and she’s sure he’s gone off her. When you add in some undermining at the competition, the chaos created by the film crew at Joy’s Acre, the constant babysitting needed by Seth at Agatha’s manor where the competition is taking place, and short tempers from overwork, the upheaval of routines and a fear for Clara after she was caught out in the rainstorm helping to tarp the roof that Tom was rethatching – everyone’s emotions are on edge, and the changes Clara feared are seemingly around the corner.

It’s difficult to review a book that draws you in – asking that you become a part of Joy’s Acre and watch the story unfold. These are characters that you want to know, to spend time with and Joy’s Acre is a delightful setting: opening everyone to possibilities and hope for something more: perhaps not in monetary gains – but in happiness. Take a trip to this little village and curl up with all three books – it will be the best investment of your time in ages.

Return to the Little Cottage on the Hill: Little Cottage #3 by Emma Davies

Title: Return to the Little Cottage on the Hill
Author: Emma Davies
Series: Little Cottage #3
Also in this series: The Little Cottage on the Hill , Summer at the Little Cottage on the Hill, Christmas at the Little Cottage on the Hill
Genre: British, Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Romantic Elements, Setting: Britain
Published by: Bookouture
ISBN: 9781786815026
Published on: 31 August, 2018
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 323
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameHalf a Flame

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The climb up the hill takes her past sweet-smelling pink roses in full bloom and leads her to an utterly breathtaking view. Megan is happy to be home at last, but will her relationship have survived the journey?

It has been a difficult few years for thirty-year-old Megan Forrester, completing her apprenticeship and trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with her gorgeous boyfriend, Liam.

She’s returned home to compete in a local craft competition. The prize is the chance to design beautiful new gates for the estate at the bottom of the hill, a job which could secure her future in the village forever.

As the contest gets underway, Megan is devastated when a rival design turns out to be almost identical to hers. Someone in the close-knit community must have leaked her sketches, but who? Is it the same person spreading heartbreaking rumours about Liam?

Down to the last few left in the competition, Megan throws her heart and soul into a show-stopping final piece… but will winning even matter when the truth about Liam is finally revealed?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Emma Davies

Emma Davies once worked for a design studio where she was asked to provide a fun, humorous, and not necessarily true anecdote about herself for their website. She wrote the following: ‘I am a bestselling novelist currently masquerading as a thirty something mother of three.’ Well the job didn’t work out but she’s now a forty something mother of three and happy to report the rest of her dream came true.

She now lives in rural Shropshire with her husband, three children, and two guinea pigs where she writes full time from a shed in the garden.


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    • Each one of the stories in this series has been a delight – and the characters are unlike others I’ve met – full of traditional craftsmen (and women) and supportive friendships. It’s a retreat spot that many I know would like.

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