Remix by Lexi Revellian- AudioBook Review

Remix by Lexi Revellian- AudioBook Review

AudioBook Review:

I own a copy of this title that I purchased close to release: how could I not with a rock-star returning from the dead to infiltrate the life of a woman who restores rocking horses for a living?  It was clever when I read it, and still holds up to the initial promise: full of the insecurities we all have but hide, an omnipresent friend that is hinting toward more than just friendship and a touch of mystery. 

Caz is mostly a loner, she restores classic rocking horses in her new house / studio that is just how she likes it.  Her budget is tight, and her own creations haven’t taken off, but she is content in her friendship with James, even though there are flashes of him wanting more.

Finding a ‘vagrant’ named Joe on her outdoor patio, 3 floors up, she is necessarily spooked: but the man, Joe, seems familiar and not at all threatening.  And he has a motley dog with him, utterly enchanted with his company.

From here, the true identity of Joe is revealed: the lead singer of a now-defunct rock band who disappeared and died after the murder of a colleague.  Joe is really Ric, and he maintains his innocence to Caz, so convincing that she believes him and agrees to help unravel the mystery.

The story is fast-paced, with characters that are easy to understand and relate to. The integration of rocking horses and the restoration, and a simple but cleverly twisted mystery that introduces us to Ric’s remaining band-mates and former manager / brother in law moves forward quickly without overly relying on tricks or flourishes to keep readers engaged.

Narration for this story is provided by Anne Day-Jones, and she manages to add twists in accent, delivery and pitch to delineate each character: from slightly northern-tinges to Hackney, posh private school and some hints of other regions, she manages to keep all of the characters straight and distinct without over-reaching.  Touches of emotional overlay note frustration, anger, insecurities and even lust to bring a more solid image of the story to light.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, an easy, fun, romp through London and the outlying counties with a touch of romance and a happy little mutt that seems to never be far away.

Stars: Overall 4  Narration 4 Stars 4

Remix by Lexi Revellian- AudioBook Review

Title: Remix
Author: Lexi Revellian
Narrator: Anne Day-Jones
Published by: Self-Produced
Published on: 9 August, 2010
Source: AudioBook Jukebox
Pages: 278
Audio Length: 7 Hours, 59 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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Ric Kealey is the charismatic lead singer of uber-successful band, The Voices in my Head - and he died three years ago. Caz Tallis restores rocking horses in her London studio. When Ric turns up, shabby and alive, on Caz's roof terrace, she is reluctantly drawn into investigating the murder that led him to fake his own death.

A feel good page turner; contemporary fiction with elements of murder mystery and romance, and a satisfying ending.

A copy of this title was provided via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Lexi Revellian

Remix is my third novel; it's the story of Caz Tallis, who is startled one quiet Sunday morning to find a stranger asleep on her roof terrace...

I enjoy reading intelligent, pacey books with humour, and that's what I try to write. I believe it's a crime to bore the reader.

My day job (using my real name, Lexi Dick) is designing and making jewellery and silver; I've made pieces for Lady Thatcher, the Athenaeum and Her Majesty the Queen.

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