Redemption of the Duke by Gayle Callen with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Book Review:

A bit of a ‘slow grower’ for me, early information setting the tone for both Faith and Adam was integral to the plot, but I wasn’t finding much in the main characters that gave me a need to know more, although once the preamble was set, the story managed to pick up in pacing quite nicely and give me more reasons to want to read on.

Faith was left in dire straits, a life lesson that made her completely unwilling to subject her fate to the whims of any man, despite her real desire for marriage and a family.  She is smart, determined and refuses to bend her own opinions to fit to what a man would prefer, and her decision that she will remain unmarried and responsible for her own happiness and welfare is one that she has decided to make the best of.

Adam is the third son, and has a different mother from the heir and spare.  The relationship between the brothers was never smooth, as the third son he also held no expectations of inheritance of property or title, so he did what many in his position do: enter the army to make a name and improve his own prospects.  Honored there, yet left with guilt over his brothers’ untimely deaths and his own inheritance of the title, he is burdened by his guilt and now endless (it feels all too often) search for redemption.

Adam, for me, needed a good shake and the willingness to lose some of the guilt rather than sharing, even oversharing, his struggle with all and sundry.  Really, he is no longer the happy, carousing rake that he was in his youth and acting the part of the man that he is, without fussing over days long gone by would have made him a character that I really enjoyed instead of waited for his transformation.  At his heart, he is sweet, loving and caring and once he determines that Faith is his next project on his path to redemption, his good intention is clear to all but Faith.

These two are interesting together: his puppy-dog eyes manage to aggravate her and give her moments of hope that her budding feelings are returned.  Faith was the run-away favorite of the two characters for me, and her gentle understanding and faith in Adam as he comes to learn of his own value, not to mention her value to him, was endearing. The connection between them, that spark, was near instant, but his issues and her reluctance kept the romance building at a slow and steady pace: we actually see their connection build and strengthen before they start to explore their sensuality.  A really clever move on Callen’s part that makes the build of sexual tension feel much more suited to the time and their positions in society, and the culmination was that much sweeter for the wait.

What started a bit slowly managed to improve for me in pacing and appreciation for the characters as the story progressed, and I will admit I was wholeheartedly cheering for them to just SEE what was right in front of their eyes, forget their worries and admit they wanted, needed and had a connection that was good and permanent.   I have not read the earlier books in this series, but this volume stands alone without loss of plot, information or understanding.   I’m going to have to read more books by Gayle Callen, her prose and description are beautiful and give a solid sense of place, emotion and time.


Redemption of the Duke by Gayle Callen with Excerpt and Giveaway

Title: Redemption of the Duke
Author: Gayle Callen
Series: Brides of Redemption #3
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by: Avon
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Pages: 384
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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USA Today bestselling author Gayle Callen concludes her new series with a tale of generosity, passion, and the true kindness of the heart.

A duke who needs to be tamed…a lady who refuses to be rescued.

Adam Chamberlin was the third son of a duke, known for gambling binges and drunken nights. No one expected anything of him …until tragedy strikes. Now Adam is the new Duke of Rothford, determined to right the wrongs he’s done. Except a secret in his past means helping the one woman who doesn’t want his help at all…

It’s not every day that a duke introduces himself to a woman sitting by herself in Hyde Park. Faith Cooper is even more surprised when Adam offers her a position as a lady’s companion to his elderly aunt. Faith refuses to be beholden to a man again-certainly not this man, who both infuriates and attracts her. But with the simmering passion between them, will Faith surrender to forbidden desire?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


(Setup: The duke manipulated Faith Cooper into being his aunt’s companion, intending to help her, since he feels guilty about the death of her brother. Now they’re living in the same house.)

Faith moved forward as if in a dream, inhaling the rich scent of damp earth, then the sweet scents of exotic flowers. When she stepped across the threshold, the air grew moist and warm, and trees rose up above her as if to touch the sky through the panes of glass in their cast-iron frames. Gas-lamp globes seemed to hover in line along curving gravel pathways. Ferns swayed as they passed. Straight ahead rose a fountain that gently splashed like music, its basin a tiled pool with golden carp swimming amid conch shells.

As they stood there in peaceful silence, she felt strange being shoulder-to-shoulder with such a man, a duke. Yet he never made her feel inferior to him. She wondered if this, too, had to do with his military service, his grief at his mistakes, or if perhaps as a younger son, he’d never acquired the “airs of an heir.” Thinking that almost made her laugh, and he glanced at her from beneath his light brown wavy hair, which seemed burnished in the low light.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Nothing, really, it’s just…I would not have imagined myself like this just a few short weeks ago.”

“Like what? Nothing much has changed for you. You still insist upon working, when I could—” He broke off.

“I assume you realized how that sounded and stopped yourself,” she said coolly.

“Yes, though I did not mean as my mistress.”

The word seemed to hover between them. She knew he thought her an innocent; and she shivered to wonder how he might treat her if he knew all her secrets.


About Gayle Callen

After a detour through fitness instructing and computer programming, Gayle Callen found the life she’d always dreamed of as a romance writer. This USA Today bestselling author has written more than eighteen historical romances for Avon Books, and her novels have won the Holt Medallion and the Laurel Wreath Award.

Gayle lives in Central New York with her three children, her dog, Apollo, and her husband, Jim the Romance Hero.

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