I Really, Really Want It by Richard Hennerley

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I’m still of two minds about this title: clever prose that is so bitingly ironic and dark with a protagonist that, to this point, I still don’t know if he was simply playing a part of what he thought was expected of him, or if he was really that enmeshed in the game.

Hennerley has penned a dark and occasionally gruesome tale about the quest for celebrity, and the reality that is behind the façade.  The most relevant question is, how badly do you want it?

And the people in this book really want it… like that deep down childhood refrain that your life will be over if you don’t get that ONE thing.  And, aside from some pretty horrific behaviors, most of the characters in this story are childlike: refusing to see consequences, or even care about them, each character brings a core of selfish, self-aggrandizement: they are so wonderful because they WILL it so, and the tabloids feature them.

Most unusual is Andrew – the king-maker or breaker who repackages and totes out the wanna-bes, the has beens and the marginally relevant.  Honestly – think Seacrest without the obsequious personality: Andrew doesn’t really care what you think about him.  Or, if he does, he knows that he can spin things to change your opinion.  Years in the business, he has wealth, power and a certain caché that, while oily and greasy is the one thing that keep people bowing and scraping: he knows where the bodies are buried.  His approach is part Machiavellian, part puppeteer and part politician: talking out of both sides of his mouth.

And, people will go far to get Andrew’s assistance and that boost in name recognition: eliminating competition and threats, and a psycho who is hearing voices telling him to kill the famous, this is a fast-paced twisty turny story that will leave you breathless.  Be aware that there are gruesome and gory scenes; personally I think that they were fitting but could have been cleaned up some as the story and race to the end is that good.  An interesting skewering of celebrity culture with a look in from behind the curtain.

I Really, Really Want It by Richard Hennerley

Title: I Really, Really Want It
Author: Richard Hennerley
Genre: Dark-theme
Published by: Self-Published
Source: Author Amp
Pages: 210
Rated: four-stars
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Andrew Manning is one of celebrity’s back room boys. He’s spent twenty years repackaging and reviving celebrities whose careers have been overshadowed by scandal and is now the very special agent to a stellar list of stars. Andy is a wealthy and powerful man. He knows where the bodies are buried.

Shelley Bright, chart-topping singer, fashion icon and foul-mouthed homophobe wants a divorce from her closeted gay Premier League footballer husband. She calls on Andrew to organise it. Reality TV star Joey Camp’s career goes into free-fall after he launches an expletive-laden attack on The Queen on live television: he needs Andrew to save him. And Janey Jax, international Pop Goddess…well, what she wants is so twisted and bizarre that it shocks even Andrew.

And as Andrew’s partner and lover, Johnny, begins a descent into celebrity-induced psychosis and a blackmailing paparazzi appears on the scene, things look set to become even more complicated.

With lashings of suicide, murder, drugs, blackmail and general bad behaviour, “I Really, Really Want It” is a dark, irreverent and no-holds barred take on celebrity obsessed culture.

A copy of this title was provided via Author Amp for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


As the limo speeds away from Heathrow, Janey is delighted with the way things went. What a fucking entrance!The moment she had stepped into the arrivals lounge it had been total chaos: screaming fans, paparazzi, cameramen, microphones, journalists, police, security. All there for her, Janey Jax. She’s a fucking star. No one comes close to her. Rivals come, rivals go and still she stays at the top, numero fucking uno.Untouchable.

Look at that Missy Go Go.

Where is she now?



Of course, she could have flown over in the private jet, but with a world tour about to kick off and a new album coming up she needed an entrance with maximum impact, at least that’s what Charlie had advised and, as always, Charlie had been right.

The day’s events have left her tired, though. So tired. People forget that she’s not a young girl anymore. She may still look like she’s in her twenties but, in reality, she’s far removed from that happy decade.

Nowadays, it takes hard work to keep looking as good as she does. Hard work and fresh, young flesh. Very young flesh.

She hopes Charlie won’t have any problems sourcing what she needs here in England. But, no, she shouldn’t worry, Charlie is very capable. He knows what she wants, and he is bound to her.

By blood. He is her creature.

About Richard Hennerley

The author has spent many years working in the filed of Public Relations. He refuses to disclose exactly what field of PR, and refuses to discuss whether or not his work experience informed and of the characters or situations found in his novel. At this stage we are unaware of the author's current occupation, age or where he lives.

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