Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman

Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman

Sara Ackerman returns to the blog with another World War II story based in Hawaii with  

Radar Girls  

The third book I’ve read from this author, all have been based in Hawaii during World War II, and are based in truth, and each was such a wonderful read and full of ordinary people who experienced and performed extraordinary deeds. And this book is no exception. After Pearl Harbor, the country was at war, men were enlisting in record numbers, and the war effort required support from everyone left behind. This meant, in large part, women who had been, until this point in history, enjoying their lives, working at home and making things comfortable for their families.  

In this book, we meet and are given the story from Daisy’s perspective. Not particularly book smart or educated, Daisy prefers animals (particularly horses) to people, and is determined to make her mark in the world. With no-one telling her she can’t.  A group is formed, secretly, by the war office, called the Woman’s Air Raid Defense Services. The initial plan is for these women to learn the intricate operation of the newly developed radar technology – in order to provide some sort of early warning to residents in case of bombs, to allied aircraft, and in practice, guide planes onto blacked-out landing strips and airports after their missions.  Of course, this was also the time when women were thought to not be up to the task of ‘men’s work’, making their stories (and successes) all the sweeter, and the bonds that were formed between the women of the WARDs, a secret group that couldn’t share their ‘what I did today” real stories even more important.   

While many of these (and similar) stories about women’s participation in the war effort have been told, the underlying sweetness here – the characters and the beauty of the island and the women’s true determination to make a difference, including the devastation when mistakes are made, or their efforts aren’t quite enough bringing the ‘we are in this together’ sense of the time long past to light.  Engaging, enlightening and truly enjoyable, Ackerman’s honoring of both the people and the islands of Hawaii shines through.  

Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman

Title: Radar Girls
Author: Sara Ackerman
Genre: Historic Woman's Fiction, Action / Adventure, Family Saga, Friendship, Historic Elements, Humor elements, Mystery Elements, Political commentary, Setting: American, Small Town, Sociological Relevancy, Suspense Elements, Woman's Fiction, World War II
Published by: Harlequin MIRA
ISBN: 0778332047
Published on: 27 July, 2021
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 368
Audio Length: 10 Hours: 54 minutes
Rated: four-stars
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An extraordinary story inspired by the real Women’s Air Raid Defense, where an unlikely recruit and her sisters-in-arms forge their place in WWII history.

Daisy Wilder prefers the company of horses to people, bare feet and salt water to high heels and society parties. Then, in the dizzying aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Daisy enlists in a top secret program, replacing male soldiers in a war zone for the first time.
Under fear of imminent invasion, the WARDs guide pilots into blacked-out airstrips and track unidentified planes across Pacific skies.

But not everyone thinks the women are up to the job, and the new recruits must rise above their differences and work side by side despite the resistance and heartache they meet along the way.
With America’s future on the line, Daisy is determined to prove herself worthy. And with the man she’s falling for out on the front lines, she cannot fail.

From radar towers on remote mountaintops to flooded bomb shelters, she’ll need her new team when the stakes are highest. Because the most important battles are fought—and won—together.

This inspiring and uplifting tale of pioneering, unsung heroines vividly transports the reader to wartime Hawaii, where one woman’s call to duty leads her to find courage, strength and sisterhood.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Sara Ackerman

Sara Ackerman is the author of  Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers. Born and raised in Hawaii, she studied journalism and earned graduate degrees in psychology and Oriental Medicine. When she's not writing or practicing acupuncture, you'll find her in the mountains or in the ocean.

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