Playing by the Rules by Rosa Temple

Playing by the Rules by Rosa Temple

Not quite sure what I was getting into, the premise was cute, and I was compelled to follow my current obsession with British Chick Lit and Rom Com authors, and this book from Rosa Temple fit the bill. Please read on for my review of

Playing by the Rules

On first introduction, Magenta was more than a bit spoiled, immature, aimless and wallowing in all of the things she ‘wasn’t’: wasn’t in a relationship, wasn’t as clever as her sisters, wasn’t as driven and, perhaps the biggest one, wasn’t getting the substantial inheritance from her beloved Grandmother’s death without strings. At 28, I actually found her to be more of the ‘stuck at 18’ sort of woman, but her sense of humor, the struggles with her own perceptions of herself, and the more than dramatic air that she cultivates around her were intriguing. I really wondered if she would be able to change, grow, and make me care about her successes and empathize with her failures.

But, the caveat for her inheritance: find a job, any job, and work at it for a year seemed to be her own personal Everest, from someone who wouldn’t walk to the corner shop if she had to. And then, her younger sister made a phone call and set a meeting, and we are off.

Anthony has been brought out of his happy place painting in Italy to run the family leather goods company: one focused on high end products for men of a certain age and income, and he’s got zero idea of where to start. He’s mourning the loss of a life he wanted, while completely clueless as to where to begin. Magenta is still mourning her Nan’s bequest, and even worse – still mopey over a 2 week insta-love relationship that ended ten years ago. Two people, reasonably clueless, tasked with saving a company on a downward slide, neither really wanting to be there.

And then, something happens. All of Magenta’s posh party girl moments, her best friend the supermodel, her contacts and a desire to have her inheritance, combined with a new perspective and approach start to turn things around. She’s marvelous at organizing parties and events, she’s got an eye for fashion and sisters in marketing who are willing to answer her many questions. And then, there’s a crush on Anthony (who seems to return it) and the unexpected return of the one who got away years ago. And drama – plenty of drama and perseveration, most of Magenta’s doing.

Light and breezy, this story contains surprising depth as Magenta actually finds her footing in a potential career – if only her love life (and her incessant meddling in her divorced parents’ lives) would turn around. Temple brought her character to life and offered us plenty of twists, turns and more than a few surprises to keep the story moving forward, always entertaining and amusing. Magenta went from ugh to ok – there is a charming, if occasionally awkward woman here- one that many can relate to on many levels. A wonderful read, perfect to lose yourself for an afternoon.

Playing by the Rules by Rosa Temple

Title: Playing by the Rules
Author: Rosa Temple
Genre: British, Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Published by: HQ Digital
Published on: 15 February 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 221
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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On the 3rd of August, I died.
Well, not literally, but it felt like my life was over.

Melodramatic? Me?
Just a teensy bit…

When workshy socialite Magenta Bright learns that inheritance comes with one horrific condition, she mentally kisses goodbye to the money. Get a job and keep it for a year? Not likely.

Naïve CEO Anthony Shearman is persuaded to hire her as his PA, and Magenta decides to stick it out, if only because of her sexy boss. But between the bitchy receptionist, Anthony’s beautiful fiancée and not having a clue how to be a career girl, Magenta barely makes it to the end of her first day.

So, just 364 to go then…

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A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Rosa Temple

RosaTemple is the pen name of literary fiction author, Fran Clark.

Rosa is most definitely Fran's alter ego and she calls on Rosa whenever she needs to connect to and create romantic and playful characters. As a ghost writer of romantic fiction the desire to write in a lighter style began and so did the writing life of Rosa Temple. Her novels were inspired by early chick lit films like Breakfast At Tiffany's.

A wife, mother and herbal tea drinker who follows too many food fads, Rosa intends to add to her already published novels with a 3 book series in 2017.

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