Playing Her Cards Right by Rosa Temple

Playing Her Cards Right by Rosa Temple

In a follow up to Playing by the Rules, Rosa Temple returns to the blog today with her heroine Magenta and her ongoing story. Please read on for my review of

Playing Her Cards Right

When first I met Magenta in her upheaval of a life, she was frustrating, immature and more than a little selfish, but there was something there: a sense of humor and the willingness to move onward and upward, despite her setbacks. Or the copious amounts of liquor she consumes with her best friend, or the recurrent niggles of self-doubt nipping at her heels. Now, with some of her life settled, and designs for the bags she has come to create flying in from all directions, she’s a bit more focused, if still a novice.

She had plenty on her plate: no apartment, no job, no career and no man – but she resolved most of those in the first book: and quite satisfactorily. But now, with a wonderful man and a career that utilizes her not so inconsequential fashion sense, and is buoyed by her supermodel best friend, she’s raring to take on every new challenge. And therein is her problem: she’s still scattered, and still functions with that bit of self-absorbed narrative that is wholly hers. While her new partner Anthony is wonderful and charming, if often feeling left out with her other interests. See, she’s still all wrapped up in reuniting her parents and getting them to remarry, and her nights with her best friend are still booze-fueled and late, and Anthony is actually feeling a bit pushed to the side.

In the first book, Temple managed to keep Magenta fresh and uniquely her own: even with the train wreck that she was making of her life, there were hopes for her to show some depth and growth. Here, those moments are fewer and more difficult to find: with her own narrative often reverting to one of an eighteen year old, immature and not always considering consequences before the action. Yet, this is one of those stories that you want to cheer on Magenta and want the best for her. Even as you repeatedly (or I) want to strangle her senseless, just to get her to stop and think first. She does, after what felt like an interminable time, and became again that dotty friend that you enjoy in doses: not necessarily one you’d want about full time. Temple makes you want to know her, and want to love her – but perhaps as she has her own moments of se;f-doubt and insecurities, as a reader you are also reluctant to give her your all. A great installment and follows nicely after the first book, one that you’ll want to read to get the full measure of the character that Temple created.

Playing Her Cards Right by Rosa Temple

Title: Playing Her Cards Right
Author: Rosa Temple
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Woman's Fiction
Published by: HQ Digital
Published on: 28 August, 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 352
Rated: three-stars
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New year. New life. Fresh start.

Newly minted career girl Magenta Bright reluctantly finds herself growing up – she’s now a live-in girlfriend, a successful business owner, and an obsessive desirer of classic leather handbags.

But, fuelled by her creative talent, Magenta doesn’t seem to know when to stop. Between designing and launching a new range of bags, planning her parents’ second wedding, and whisky binges with scary international model and best friend Anya, something’s got to give, and it’s not long before her relationship with shy artist Anthony is in the firing line.

Will handbags lead to heartbreak for the unstoppable Magenta Bright?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Rosa Temple

RosaTemple is the pen name of literary fiction author, Fran Clark.

Rosa is most definitely Fran's alter ego and she calls on Rosa whenever she needs to connect to and create romantic and playful characters. As a ghost writer of romantic fiction the desire to write in a lighter style began and so did the writing life of Rosa Temple. Her novels were inspired by early chick lit films like Breakfast At Tiffany's.

A wife, mother and herbal tea drinker who follows too many food fads, Rosa intends to add to her already published novels with a 3 book series in 2017.


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