Her Perfect Game: Hot & Nerdy #2 by Shannyn Schroeder

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Book Review:

In the first book, we ‘met’ our heroine Charlie only through interactions and discussions that Felicity and Layla had about her unwillingness to leave Boston for spring break.  But Charlie has plans to attend a HackCon, where she hopefully will meet the gamer she has a crush on, who is all too similar to her ex.

Charlie is a bit socially awkward, and for her own reasons, that don’t make sense, she has dropped out of school and her best friends don’t know.  But still, I had to like her determination in entering the contest to win money and recognition for her computer skills. She’s been hoping to meet “Win” at the convention, and she is sorely surprised when Win turns out to be Jonah, the guy who taught her everything she didn’t know about gaming and hacking, and then broke her heart.

The second chance at love worked really well for these two: although not being a gamer, I was  bit lost during the heavily described scenes and matches,  Jonah and Charlie have good chemistry, and the alternating viewpoints as their story is told gives a good sense of the two of them together.  There is some steam as well as a surprise at the end, and this installment in the trilogy holds up well, sure to be a new ‘must read’ author for fans of New Adult romance.

Her Perfect Game: Hot & Nerdy #2 by Shannyn Schroeder

Title: Her Perfect Game
Author: Shannyn Schroeder
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Kensington
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 112
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Spring break is supposed to be a week of fun in the sun for three childhood friends about to graduate from college. But one of them is ready to get her game on somewhere else…

Charlie Castle is an expert archer and a fierce warrior—in her favorite video game, anyway. But college life was a program she couldn't quite master. To land a cybertech job without a degree, she's entering a "hackfest" over spring break—where she also hopes to meet the sweet gamer who's been flirting with her online. Instead, she runs into the hot guy who walked away years ago, and can't fight the desire that comes rushing back.

Jonah Best has never gotten over Charlie, whose kisses were always as deliciously creative as her coding. But now that they're face to face again, he doesn't know how to admit that her online admirer is really him—or how to convince her that he's offering her a job for her incredible skills, not her sex appeal. Can Jonah cut through their communication glitches and persuade Charlie that the next level up for them should be forever?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Tasty Excerpt


It took a second for Charlie to realize that she was being called a cheater. She stood. “What?” She looked up at the board. She and Override were still in second place, now only by five points, but Jane and her partner were fifty points behind.“She had an unfair advantage. I wasn’t sure, but I suspected. It’s just not possible.”Charlie glared at her. “I am not cheating. How could I?”A nasty smirk stole across Jane’s face. “Someone fed you the answers.”Charlie’s heart sank. She knew exactly where this was going. “No one gave me anything.”

“Should we ask your boyfriend over there?” She pointed at Jonah sitting by the door.

“First of all, he’s not my boyfriend. Second, he didn’t give me shit. I’ve worked through each task just like everyone else.”

Jane crossed her arms and waited. Carl looked back and forth between Jonah and Jane.

Jonah slid from the stool. “I didn’t give her anything. I didn’t create the challenge. Carl did.”

Of course, Jonah wouldn’t lie about their relationship.

Carl crossed the room to talk to Jonah. The harsh whispers carried across the room. Carl was asking about having a personal relationship with a competitor. Jonah nodded. She was screwed.

Her stomach sank. There was no coming back from this. “Fuck this.” She slammed her laptop shut and looked at Override. “Sorry if you get screwed here too. I did not cheat, but I refuse to get thrown out for doing nothing wrong.”

She slid her computer into her bag and rushed out the door.

“Wait,” Jonah called.

She didn’t, but then he caught her by the arm. “What are you doing?”

Charlie yanked her arm from his grasp. “I’m not going to sit there and be accused of cheating because I slept with you.”

“Carl wasn’t going to throw you out. He knows I didn’t have access to anything he created.”

“Doesn’t matter. If I win, everyone in that room will question whether it was legitimate. Thanks for fucking this up for me.” She turned away, tears clawing at her throat.

“Whoa. What do you mean me? I didn’t do a damn thing.”

“That’s right, you didn’t. All you had to do was deny we had any kind of relationship.”

“Why the hell would I do that? I know you didn’t cheat, and lying wasn’t going to change that accusation.”

“Whatever.” She took a couple more steps before he moved in front of her.

“What’s the big deal? It’s a stupid small-time hackfest.”

“Not for me it wasn’t. I needed this win.”

“Charlie, you have to know that you didn’t really have a chance against Poison.”

Tears welled and burned her eyelids. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. I guess we’ll never know now.”

She tried to push past him, but he laid a hand on her shoulder. “Why are you so upset?”

Charlie swallowed hard. “I needed this win. This was my chance. The prize is Def Con. I can’t afford to get to Vegas and pay for a hotel and shit. And I need Def Con to network and find a job.”

“No, you don’t, Charlie. You’re good enough that all you have to do is send out your résumé after graduation. You won’t need to network. The jobs will be there.”

She swiped at her face, hating every tear that fell. “No, they won’t because there won’t be a graduation. I dropped out.”

He looked stunned, his mouth hanging open, and Charlie skirted around him. She couldn’t look at his face knowing in a moment it would be filled with disappointment. She raced to her room, packed her stuff, and checked out to go back to her regular life.


About Shannyn Schroeder

Shannyn is a former English teacher, who now works as a part-time editor while raising her three kids.
Even though she wrote from high school through college (mostly poetry), she’d never considered a career as an author. Writing fell by the wayside as she focused her energy on creating lesson plans and new and fabulous ways to torment her teen students. One group in particular dubbed her “The Torture Master,” a title she carried into motherhood.
After the birth of baby number two, Shannyn resigned from teaching and fell in love with reading romance novels. She read so many books so quickly that her husband teased, “If you’re going to read so many damn books, why don’t you just write one?”
So she did.
That first book is safely buried on her hard drive, but the process set Shannyn on the path to where she is today—agented with a debut ebook coming out with Kensington in late 2012.
She is recovering from her Diet Coke addiction, fears putting her foot in her mouth on social media, and has a renewed appreciation for the bad girls of the world.

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